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[2006-05-08-WWE-Velocity] Chris Benoit vs William Regal

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Chris Benoit vs William Regal - WWE Velocity 5/13/06


The Kings of Velocity! I love how these two can make chain wrestling so meaningful, not through just struggle but where it leads also. Benoit almost wrangles the Crossface, but Regal escapes, but in his haste gets nailed with an enziguiri. Benoit gets greedy looking for a German off the apron when he gave chase and takes a nasty DDT on the apron. Um guys it is Velocity, you don't have to go this hard, but if you insist. Creepy Benoit moment when Regal kicks his head up against the post and Benoit does glassy eyed sell. Regal is in control and is great with the nasty stretches. Benoit is great at peppering in hope spots like the chop to the head or the Sharpshooter and Regal is great at cut offs like the palm strikes to the head to avoid the Sharpshooter. Great struggle over suplexes down the line. Benoit counters the Butterfly Suplex and pounces with a Crossface. Just a great, short, heated TV match. ***1/2

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