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Charles (Loss)

[2007-10-28-WWE-Cyber Sunday] HHH vs Umaga (Street Fight)

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Triple H vs Umaga - Cyber Sunday 2007 Street Fight


Umaga is the greatest Hogan opponent, who never got a chance to wrestle Hogan. He has such a strong grasp of what it means to be a violent, unstoppable monster. He is athletic, but still vicious. His grasp on how a monster should sell and bump is strong. He is the best at weeble wobbles but don't fall down selling since Blackwell. I love he takes HHH's best shot over and over again and he just keeps coming. They try to go for too much too soon with the spear through the entrance set. No pop and no real setup. They settle into a great David vs Goliath match. It is is really a testament to Umaga that he can make HHH into a sympathetic David. HHH is teeing off on Umaga and he just wont go down. I love it. He gets the garbage can puts him down for two. He swings for another and Umaga counters into a Samoan Drop, Then it becomes the Umaga show, Absolutely brilliant heat segment. Umaga is completely laser focused on the abdomen and never lets up. So many great cutoffs to the ribs. Great selling by HHH too, but Umaga just rocked this heat segment. I liked Umaga going for the chair when he cant put HHH away, but HHH uses the low blow and a DDT on chair for a hope spot. But Umaga just flings HHH off with a huge sidewalk slam. The big spot of the match is Umaga running across the announce tables and splashing HHH through the table. Great sell by HHH. I think that would have been a great finish to set up a rematch. Umaga misses a flying headbutt. I liked how it takes Umaga hurting himself to set up HHH getting the Sledgehammer. They do a great job with HHH missing the hammer, Umaga going for the Asiatic Spike, miss, Sledgehammer, weeble wobble, Kick Wham Pedrigee! Good stuff there, but honestly they could have gotten more mileage out of this feud because this was amazing.

Does anyone actually remember this feud? Because I sure as hell don't and I was watching at the time. This is the absolute best HHH has ever looked as a babyface. Umaga crushed it. This was not your typical great uptempo street fight, but HHH cant do uptempo. So that's neither here nor there. I thought they did a great job telling David vs Goliath working in great body psychology and selling and really making Umaga this very credible monster that really takes a lot before he will go down. ****1/4

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