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[2008-01-19-JAPW-Reclaiming Hudson] Teddy Hart vs Eddie Kingston vs Homicide

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What a match. Just the pure chaos you would come to expect from a Jersey All Pro match featuring Teddy Hart and Homicide. They spend about 2 minutes in the ring and this spills to the floor and all of them are just randomly brawling in the crowd. Tons of crowd brawling with face punching, chairs flying, Teddy just moonsaulting off different things, Homicide breaking bottles on the basketball hardwood floor while chasing Teddy. Chaos, just utter chaos. Then they return to the ring and it's not as chaotic, but they still bring the brutality. There's this spot where King and Teddy sit on chairs in front of each other and they trade kendo stick shots before King just blasts Teddy with a nasty lariat. Teddy also takes nasty brainbuster on a chair from Homicide.

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