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[2008-03-30-WWE-Wrestlemania XXIV] Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather

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Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather - WrestleMania XXIV


It is too bad that Mayweather does not do wrestling full time. He would be an amazing heel, which may be the most obvious thing ever said. He has great facial expressions. He does a great job vacillating between concerned and confident in the beginning. The size differential is staggering. Mayweather's confidence grows as he gets in some body shots and then a couple head shots. It is funny seeing Mayweather have to reach so high up to punch Big Show in the face. Mayweather drinks from a chalice. Big Show is pissed. He takes out one of Mayweather's goons. The fear is re-instilled in Mayweather. When Big Show stomps the hand of Money Mayweather, the selling from Mayweather is awesome. It was such a smart first offensive spot from Big Show. Mayweather TOOK THE OVERHEAD SLAP! WOW! Mayweather is writhing in pain. I have not watched this match since it happened ten years ago. Show Stands on him. Mayweather takes a side slam! WOW! Show big elbow drop. The crowd is super into this. Mayweather's entourage pulls him out and wants to walk out. Show chases and trucks an entourage member. Now Show brings Mayweather back in. Show drops another goon with a chokeslam, but that goon brought in a chair. Mayweather goes to town with the chair and cracks him in the head twice unprotected. Then he gets some brass knuckled and KO shot drops the Big Show. Great way to put over the heel celebrity but protect Big Show. People loved seeing Mayweather gets his ass kicked because we never see that in his shoot matches. It was cathartic. Great finish, awesome action movie spectacle. ****

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