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Charles (Loss)

[2008-03-30-WWE-Wrestlemania XXIV] The Undertaker vs Edge

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WWE Champion Edge vs Undertaker - WrestleMania XXIV


We are currently look at 40 minutes with the video packages and entrances. So we are doing stream of consciousness.


These two had five, FIVE PPV matches together in 2008. That has to be some sort of record. They did four in a row and then Summerslam. They main evented both Mania and Summerslam. 2008 is remembered rightfully for HBK vs Y2J, but this feud was big. It all starts at Survivor Series 2007 in that horrible Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Batista. Edge screwed over the Undertaker. I don't remember why. Edge would win the World Championship in a triple threat match at Armageddon (December) 2007 against Batista and Undertaker. Batista really got hosed.


Edge is also undefeated at WrestleMania, but I thought he lost a multi-man match before this. Lots of play up around the streak in the build. Lots of 15-1 talk. There was a funeral segment at one point...love those! Undertaker tombstoned Vickie! She was a champ! Build up seemed to focus mostly around the Streak vs the Title and that Edge has a lot of cronies. Undertaker is still making his entrance, Edge lost in Money in the Bank the year previous. Never lost in a singles match. Undertaker is very tanned. It was a really good Undertaker entrance. Great presence. The Coach is on commentary! Wow! Michael Cole has seen many come and go. I have actually seen this match before when it happened. I was so interested in Ric Flair's retirement I found an illegal stream. Vickie is out in a wheelchair pushed by Teddy Long for a good luck kiss. That's very pro wrestling, love it. Edge must really feel like he made it. Main event of WrestleMania defending the title against Undertaker. Big Show vs Mayweather and HBK/Flair feel like a bigger deal, but he closed the show. Really if they had faith in their young talent, Cena vs Orton should have main evented one on one based around the legit injury Cena had at the hands of Orton. Instead they threw HHH in the mix because HHH didn't have anything else to do. Entrances are still going on. Good time to mention I wish Big Goldy would make a comeback not just for WCW nostalgia but because it is the best looking belt ever.


Undertaker does the throat slit. Edge just starts punching Undertaker. Undertaker whips him into buckles and nice meaty clothesline by Taker. Edge plays a little cat and mouse. Taker drives him throat first across top rope. Good punches as usual by Undertaker. Edge gets his boots up. Undertaker gets his patented clothesline, you know the one. Doesn't look as good as usual. Undertaker is looking for Old School great early match move. Nice armdrag by Undertaker to counter Edges counter. Undertaker hip checks Edge and is a bit overzealous and tumbles over the top rope onto the floor. Edge knocks Undertaker off the apron to the barricade. Edge gets a dropkick as Undertaker is trying get back in the ring. Some good King of the Mountain by Edge. Edge follows out and not much happens. Pretty boring match thus far. Edge is really terrible at offense. Undertaker usually makes his opponent work for his offense, but Undertaker is kinda letting this happen. Undertaker gets some punches and as he goes for a bodyslam and Undertaker collapses. I really didn't feel like that was a focus. I guess Undertaker is trying in his own way. Undertaker sends Edge crashing down to the floor from the top rope. A pretty sick bump! Nasty thud! UNDERTAKER SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE! I am such a mark for that spot! We got like twenty more minutes. Jeez.


Undertaker hits a leg drop on the apron. What is the narrative? What is the hook? Undertaker makes you want to think it is his bad back, but Im not buying what he is selling. Undertaker cant hit Last Ride because of a bad back. Edge big boot. Edge back suplexes him on the barricade like Randy Orton would and Undertaker ends up in a couple fans' laps. I liked that spot! Edge with his dainty forearms and now with the lamest half crab ever. So terrible. Undertaker rolls over and gets a two. YES! This is what we need the SHITTEST Indian Deathlock of all time. Undertaker is doing his best to sell, but he needs to do more to save this match. He is going for a slugfest. Who believes that Edge's lamest ass punches can stand up to Undertakers? Snake eyes and Edge dropkick. It was a curveball. I will give em that. Edge comes off the middle and Chokeslam, nope countered into Edge's signature DDT. 1-2-NO! Edge goes for spear and kicks Edge and massive Chokeslam for two. Old School, but no crotches him. They are really stressing that Undertaker has never beaten Edge. I cant remember a lot of Edge vs Undertaker matches. I guess that does play into Edge being able to constantly counter Undertaker. Superplex gets two. Last Ride, countered and reverse neckbreaker. They have established a story. It is that Edge keeps finding a counter. Last Ride->1-2-No! I guess the other thing is that Edge is able to kick out. They are really pushing what does Undertaker have to do to beat Edge. Edge counters Undertaker. This story would be a lot easier to buy if Edge actually had high profile wins over Undertaker. Third time is the charm for Old School. Undertaker big boots the ref and Edge hits the Slop Drop. Undertaker defiantly goozles Edge, but Edge punts him in the balls. Yeah finally something heelish! Edge has the camera and pulverizes him. Edge is the worst heel ever. Zombie situp. Undertaker Tombstone! I know what I remember about this match! LIL NAITCH HAULING FUCKING ASS DOWN THAT LONG RUNWAY! When he only counts two, he must be pissed! The Edgeheads! Chokeslams Hawkins on Ryder. Edge spear->1-2-no Good nearfall. Take it home please. Spear into the Gogolplata. Lame. He taps out.


If someone told me, hey I want you to hit your finish and then stare into my eyes and I will put you into my submission. I would be like fuck you no way. Protect your finish a little bit, brutha. Terrible first two thirds. Last third once Edge started to counter at least had a discernible story even if I didn't buy it. Really not that much in the way of memorable spots either. Honestly the most memorable thing is Charles Robinson sprinting the whole runway. Skip this.

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Last time I sat down to watch this, I actually really liked it. Thought it was a carry job that made Edge somewhat interesting to watch but good nonetheless. Even rated it ***1/2 but this was a total bore fest, imo. I put all my focus on this match. Turned everything off. Laptop. Phone. No distractions and what happened? I was bored off my tits. I get what they were going for

Edge holding his own against Taker, actually looking like he was going to beat Taker. But a few problems. Edge is an awful, dull and uninteresting wrestler with nothing compelling to him including his offence. His work on Taker's leg was really dull. It was basic, unengaging. Taker didn't sell it down the stretch and it was basically filler. Edge kept on doing his shitty facial expressions as a bonus too. Taker's comebacks were decent but not awe-inspiring. Bad match overall. *3/4


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