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Charles (Loss)

[2008-05-23-BJW] Kengo Mashimo & Madoka vs Mens Teoh & Shinobu

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I'm not familiar with anyone but Teioh. Madoka is the only guy in the match with natural colored hair, but I still get the feeling he is one of the heels. Teioh and Mashimo seem to be an issue, as do Madoka and Shinobu. I liked the early exchange between Teioh and Mashimo a lot. Teioh was using veteran/technical tricks to get out of Mashimo's offense designed to overpower him and it really worked for me. madoka and Shinobu seem like pretty standard juniors of the time period on offense. Shinobu has a nice dropkick. I really liked how they went to the injured shoulder of Shinobu and he sold it pretty well up until the very, very end where he reeled off a few things that he could have sold after but didn't. For the most part he does a great job changing his offense and selling though. The not-really hot tag to Teioh was fun with Teioh again tricking his younger opponents and throwing great punches to boot. Going back to Shinobu's shoulder for a second, shorter heat was a nice touch too. I loved the Teioh stuff with the octopus hold too. The run of nearfalls was hot, but I thought they got away from the bulk of the match somewhat to do it. Finish goes back to the rest of the match, which does make me happy. I thought this was a good tag with some flaws but a lot of good work. Mashimo is good as the "big" junior and wrestles with the appropriate attitude. He also has pretty good heel mannerisms. Madoka I can take or leave because I'm pretty sure there were about 200 of him in Japan at the time. Shinobu showed me a lot with his selling. Teioh really knows how to play his role well and I dig him as a wrestler even past his prime.

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