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[2008-07-06-PWG-Life During Wartime] Young Bucks vs KAZMA & MIYAWAKI vs The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scott Lost)

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Going on a Bucks run as I'm sort of fascinated to see their development. At this point, the act is still developing, although the fundamentals are already there (the teamwork, the flashiness, the pose). They've apparently just gotten back from their first Japan tour. Joey Ryan has only recently cut his hair and developed what's basically his current look.


Matt takes a really good shitkicking here after the Bucks get some initial offense. There's a great head scissor train spot with a Boston Crab that turns everyone over that Bucks reused in an ROH match a couple of months ago (still amusing). Nick takes a pretty good hot tag. The Dynasty use a Rocket Launcher / Ace Crusher that I'm surprised no one has swiped. The Bucks win, somewhat absurdly, with a backslide after several minutes of high spots. Pretty fun match, although nothing to recommend above a myriad of other indie matches of the time.

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