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Charles (Loss)

[2008-11-22-ROH-Rising Above] Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness

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Bryan is coming into this match w/ a bum knee, and while it's not the target of Nigel's initial attack, it sure becomes it very quickly. They start the match off w/ their usual competitive, technical wrestling, and as Bryan wins those exchanges, Nigel gets frustrated & starts going after the knee. I thought that was some great, subtle character work by Nigel; it's like he doesn't want to go after the easy target in the knee, but he has no other choice since Danielson keeps on beating him in the non-knee related, competitive, technical exchanges. He does great work over the knee throughout, Danielson's selling is great too & the interference deals by Claudio & Sugarfoot are done very well. Bryan's last comeback w/ those fiery slaps & the elbow is one of my all-time favorites; he showed such perfect amount of fire & soul in that one. It's a yet another classic between my favorite pairing in wrestling history. ****1/2

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