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Charles (Loss)

[2009-02-15-WWE-No Way Out] John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Mike Knox (Elimination Chamber)

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So Edge is throwing himself in after losing in the previous EC match. Tricky booking here. More to come.


Jericho has switched to short tights and Code Breaker heavy sleazy veteran work. Slower pacing despite working with Rey Rey, who's doing the Spiderman spot innovated by RVD in the very first Chamber match and reprised by Jeff Hardy. So, good sequence to start. There's really something to be said about how Jericho is the Arn Anderson of these EC matches.


Kane gets in. Well, he does his job before doing the job, to Rey mind you. Nothing bad, nothing thrilling. Actually, Mike Knox does a better job playing monster heel, working stiff and gritty. He looks like a proto-Wyatt Family member, really. So basically more of the same as the Kane stuff, only better, before getting out of the way too.


Rey jumping on Edge as soon as the pod opens has to be a highlight. These three work well together, including a typical X-division/3-way goofy tower of doom spot. It's truly an orgy of Edge comical facial features, especially when he manages to beat John Cena who only gets to work a short burst of offense. Tricky business like it's been said.


Jericho is out next. Crowd is molten for Rey, even more than they were for Hardy earlier on. Him and Edge work a terrific ending stretch culminating by a brutal plastic bump courtesy of Rey, who's having maybe the best EC performance of all time thus far. Edge wins. Holy shit.


This one was a slow builder, with the two kinda useless but not bad monster sequences, Knox's being better than Kane's, until a real frenzy of cool work with a big upset in Cena going out and Rey almost, almost winning. Edge has to be one of the goofiest main event guy ever. His spear looks like shit too.


All in all, excellent match with a great second half. Interesting, if anything else, 09 edition booking wise, with a cool interplay between both matches. None of the crowd's favourites won though...

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Rey Mysterio gives one of his greatest individual performances here. In the match from start to beginning and never goes more than a few minutes without pulling off some cool high spot or crazy bump. Right at the start he charges at Jericho and goes head first into the pod with a loud crack (or at least that's what it looked like).

****1/2 on the match.

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