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[2009-03-28-Chikara-King of Trios 2009] Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli & Dave Taylor vs Johnny Saint & Mike Quackenbush & Jorge Rivera

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This was setup to showcase Johnny Saint as the MVP and it delivered just that, although everyone was great in this, his performance was the standout. Crazy to think he's in his 60's at this point and he was just making his US debut that weekend as he had spent most of his career wrestling in Europe with the one tour with Michinoku Pro. Regardless of his age, he didn't wrestle like someone his age (benefits of working most of his career taking as little bumps as possible) as he was just endlessly pulling out the same great looking submissions and counters whenever he was in that he was pulling out back in the 70s in the UK on Joint Promotion shows. He did take a bump over the top rope here which he isn't known for, so that got a pop out of me. His exchanges with Danielson were phenomenal and it makes you wonder what a fantastic match those two could have had in their primes. As I mentioned before, everyone else was great in this, but I'd say the runner up for MVP in this was Danielson. He was incredible just heeling it up on the other side and showing signs of frustration as the match went on and he kept getting outclassed in the grappling department.

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