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[2009-07-31-PWG-Threemendous] Young Bucks vs Two Skinny Black Guys (Human Tornado & El Generico)

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Now here's a match that doesn't hold up. The first half or so is some of the most blatant time killing I've ever seen. It becomes apparent pretty fast that not only are these guys filling time before before the stretch run, but they have no idea how to fill said time. Match begins with one of the Bucks doing an MMA style armbar just for the hell of it and Human Tornado doing a bunch of pin attempts as his lone bit of offense just for the hell of it. The Bucks heat segment on Generico that follows is some really dull stuff. This is the beginning of their meta characters, so you have the crowd booing them as if they were heels and the match laid out as if they were the heels in a FIP tag, but they do nothing to modify their movesets to actually be heels. I guess that's how they figured meta heels work. The match picks up after Generico makes the hot tag and everybody predictably starts letting loose with dives with little else in the way of psychology. It's an OK stretch run, but there's plenty of better matches where you can see that sort of thing and nothing really seems particularly spectacular when you compare it to some later PWG matches. **

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