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[2009-09-13-WWE-Breaking Point] William Regal vs Christian

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ECW Champion Christian vs William Regal - Breaking Point 2009


Awesome WWE midcard match! This is during a time period where the midcard was pretty dire and matches this good were a rare treat. Hard-hitting & claustrophobic. You except big shots out of Regal, but Christian gave as good as he got with some big open hand slaps to the face and body that Regal sold like million bucks. I love how much body contact there was in this match. It was not a track meet. They were engaging each other and staying engaged. Look how solid that collar-and-elbow tieup. Or how Christian hangs onto the wrists to create hold. They are almost always in contact with each other going from spot to spot by working through holds. That's wrestling. Regal looked ferocious in this. Just amazing strikes, snug holds and great throws. That cradle suplex was INSANE! That should be stolen and be made into a finisher pronto. I have never seen anything like that before and I loved it. It was a great highspot to be a nearfall for Regal. I thought they could have come up with a better transition to Christian's comeback. They timed it right as that is exactly when Christian was supposed to start, but he just started off right hands and dropkicks, but I think Regal should have made a mistake first to set it up. Good finish with each countering the other's finish Killswitch vs Running with Christian flipping The Switch first, yep pun fully intended. Great old school pro wrestling, lots of body on body on contact, flesh smacking flesh and builds to a fever pitch! ****

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