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[2011-02-20-WWE-Elimination Chamber] Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Big Show vs Wade Barrett (Elimination Chamber)

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Edge vs Rey Misterio vs Big Show vs Kane vs Wade Barrett vs Drew McIntyre (WWE Elimination Chamber 02/20/11)

Edge and Rey do their thing, then Wade Barrett joins them, then Kane joins them, but this match is a total snoozefest until Drew McIntyre tags in and is awesome, going on a tear and showing tons of aggression. Everyone is busting their asses, don't get me wrong, but Drew seems to be the only guy wrestling like something really special is at stake, so I give him tons of credit for that. Big Show comes in and follows suit, as does everyone else, but Drew was the guy who took ignited this match so it could go to the next level and I wish he could have lasted longer. Edge and Rey start this off and finish this off, and have a really great final stretch with some awesome familiarity spots and counters to each other's big moves. Edge vs Rey stands as a great WWE-style match on its own. The best EC match I can recall seeing, as it's usually not a match that does anything for me.



I love that Smackdown Chamber so much. Drew Mac was so beastly in it. I also remember Rey Mysterio throwing his head into various solid surfaces way too hard for our entertainment as well.



WWE did a similar match in 2009 coming down to Edge and Rey as the final two for a long one-on-one showdown. It was probably my favorite match of that year and, when they got picked to start this one, I thought my hopes for seeing that revisited were sort of crushed. Not so!

I definitely recommend the 2009 version if you liked this one.

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Rey and Edge to start. Wonder why. From who's in the Chambers, it can only go downhill I would guess. Good first part. Rey is gonna be the MVP as always, workhorse and brutal bump master, which is kinda crazy when you think about how banged up he was.


So, Wade Barrett joins and actually this keeps being really good, Barrett adding stuff to the table while Rey is adding great spot to the match. Barrett seems like a big "What if ?" of the 10's.


Kane. Why ? I'll be fair, he looks better this time around than in any other EC match. Works his ass off. Of course, having good people bumping for him all over the place helps a lot. Still, he's Kane and what the fuck he is doing here ? He's not winning, he's not compelling.


Drew McIntyre. No idea who this guy was then. This is the best sequence of the match. Him betraying Wade was all kind of classic, as was the brutal back bump Wade took on the glass (BTW, the announcing has reached new level of awfullness on this show, the 10's really are in, sadly, with a thousand "Road to WrestleMania" hammering on the head along with "Lexon glass most solid glass evah !" shit). This guy is bringing the match back to life.


Which Big Show doesn't do, although he also looks better (and leaner) than even before in this context. Rey takes more brutal bumps. Wade gets all fucked up too against the steel. I do miss blood.


Then it's time more a bunch of EC typical clichés, with all the guys hitting finishers on Show. Then it's time for Kane going on a rampage. Ok, he's looking decent, but again, he's Kane in 2011. Who's buying ? Not me. And so it's Edge vs Rey, making the whole thing kinda "let's fill time with bodies before we go into ending stretch of big PPV title match"ish. I dunno, it the ending stretch is so much lay down / hit a finisher / counter or kick out / lay down / hit another finisher, that typical WWE big match style I don't care for... So it's actually really well done, although this is a case of Rey going for the 619 over and over again getting a bit annoying as this is not a fucking finisher, really. He still makes Edge awful spear look the best ever. Post-match has some bullshit with ARD and Christian...


We've reached that point where the match in itself is not special anymore, with too many warm bodies as opposed to big stars, and the ending has to be worked like every WWE big match ever as opposed to the ending of a multi-man brutal cage match (the lack of blood does hurt the perception too). So, This one was actually very good overall, even excellent maybe if you really like the last part (which I don't, too WWE patterned). Rey = MVP. Drew = best sequence and made the biggest impression. Kane had its best Kane spot ever but he still was Kane.

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The thing I remember most about this match is Drew working like he had been poisoned and the only way to get the antidote was to beat it out of his opponents


This is...yes. All of this.


This one is probably still my favourite Chamber match.

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