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[2011-02-20-WWE-Elimination Chamber] John Cena vs CM Punk vs John Morrison vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs R-Truth (Elimination Chamber)

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John Cena vs Randy Orton vs CM Punk vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Sheamus (WWE Elimination Chamber 02/20/11)

Some of the small stuff here bugs me, like Orton going for a suplex and Sheamus putting himself perfectly in position for it without Orton even having to struggle much. The stuff before everyone was in the ring was much better in this match than in the Smackdown version thanks to Orton delivering a strong performance. I loved the stuff they did with Punk getting quickly eliminated because he got stuck in the pod, and even the bullshit with the GM announcement. What would Hornswaggle's motivation be for helping Punk? I probably shouldn't ask that.

Anyway, this was far more violent and interesting early on than the Smackdown match. The Orton/Punk stuff really works in building heat for the Mania match with Punk doing some really terrific heel stuff. I love that booking. I also thought they did a really good job of getting over the idea that John Morrison was willing to sacrifice his body to win and he sold his knee injury really well.

On the downside, check out Sheamus bushwhacking Cena before he gets out of his pod and trying to do the same to R-Truth to no avail. I really hate that spot because Truth shouldn't be getting out of stuff that takes down Cena. It seems backwards. Morrison's spot from the ceiling seemed like it was going to be something cooler than it was too, considering how it started. But those things are really my only quibbles here. I like the Smackdown match better overall despite this match having generally higher peaks, simply because it also had lower points too. Still, this was a really terrific match that capped off a strong PPV.

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The R-Truth stuff has to be a rib.


Anyways. King Sheamus, without any crown. Damn, Sheamus has been there forever already. Morrison will have one hell of a night, going from the RVD spot to the Shawn-wannabe spot, and mostly making the most of it. Not as good of a first period as the SD match, obviously (come on, Rey…) but decent enough. Sheamus seems to have improved a bit.


Orton the Viper. I gotta give him credit, he looks really good in this match, almost playing the Arn of the whole thing. Yes, there's the occasional moment of not doing much of anything or awkward setup (the aforementionned superplex or the drapping DDT), but he brings some good fire and solid looking work. Especially building well his antagonism with Punk. I could totally do without the idiotic "pod doesn't open" spot followed by the equally idiotic Anonymous GM spot (damn, this was the black hole of WWE booking).


Cena brings the shit up after this rather idiotic episode. Morrison is bumping like a madman on the steel, the plastic, well, mostly everywhere. Five years earlier, he would sport a crimson mask and that would add so much.


R-Truth. Yeah. That's a fucking rib. He does the three spots he does and gets pinned. Why even bother ?


CM Punk makes himself the actual MVP of the match with his interaction with Orton (making fun of the Viper maneurism was gold), while Morrison manage to take the Spiderman spot innoved by RVD in 2002 to a new level. Then takes it to the sky, as Tori Amos would say, only to kinda fall in a rather sloppy way, Jim Cornette off a scaffold style onto Sheamus, who's a goner.

It all ends up with Cena vs Punk vs Morrison, who also does a terrific job selling his knee after blowing it against the plastic. This is how this match should end, not with a ten minutes self-conscious epic yawnfest. So Morrison gets his and Cena jumps on Punk, throws him onto the steel (again, that's the way to actually use the gimmick instead of simply trading finishers) and wins the thing so he can have a terrible Wrestlemania Moment against the Miz. Yeah, even back in 2011, the whole angle was "John Cena needs his Mania Moment ™ and won't get it unless he wins the EC match". That tells you how braindead the booking has been for the entire decade.

Nonetheless, this was a terrific EC match, despite the one moment of booking dumbfuckery. Punk was the MVP overall if you add character + work. Morrison had somewhat of a break on through the other side performance. Orton was almost Jericho-being-Arn. Top tier EC match.

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