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[2011-03-04-PWG-DDT4] Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa vs Young Bucks

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Finals of the tournament.


The teams don't even make into the ring to start. The brawling is fairly out of the ordinary for a Bucks match. There's a really grittiness and violence that's surprising. The spells is sort of broken with the back rake spot (although the use of an actual rake is fun). There's sort of a heat segment on Steen, but not in a cliched way - more the Bucks just taking control of the ongoing brawl. Steen blades after a shot to the post. The Bucks work Steen's legs, including a Nick swanton right on them. Tozawa appears out of nowhere to break up More Bang for Your Buck, and it's really on. Man, when the Bucks show their nasty side, they can really crank up the intensity. Terrific finish, too, with the Bucks doing More Bang for Your Buck on both guys - very cool visual. Loved this - an under discussed gem, I think. Well worth seeking out.

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