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[2011-05-01-WWE-Extreme Rules] Christian vs Alberto Del Rio (Ladder)

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Christian vs Alberto Del Rio - Extreme Rules 2011 Vacant World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match


Wow! What a snoozefest!


Edge had to retire and instead of putting the strap on Del Rio, they let Edge retire with it. They were always wicked nice to Edge. Christian is doing it for his best friend and in addition Del Rio is the one who put him on the shelf for six months so there is history there. Del Rio is definitely someone they were always high on. He was pushed three years straight. He had a great gimmick, Mexican Million Dollar Man meets Randy Orton's multi-generational destiny gimmick. I remember him being pretty hit and miss in the ring. When he was a miss, boy was he dreadfully dull.


Del Rio just has no oomph. No energy. There was nothing. Like everything was stomp and no anything. Then he would do stuff like fishhook Christian in an armbar and I would be like that's badass. We need more of that. It was all execution no charisma. Christian clearly was trying and you could tell he was the creative force behind the match. He came up with some neat spots going under the ring to set up his baseball slide into the ladder or jumping off the buckles onto a ladder onto a crossbody. Even Christian was not as engaging as usual. It was just a really boring ladder match where not much happened. There was some decent arm psychology and playing off Christian's injury at the hands of Del Rio. Of course they set up the ladder across the apron to the announce table. Del Rio takes a very tentative bump onto it. You know he had no desire to take that bump. Brodus Clay comes out pre-Funkasaurus. He does look like a Human Egg and his face looks like one of the Dinosaurs from the TV Show, Dinosaurs. He stops Christian from getting the belt. Clay takes a bump then Christian. Then Edge distracts Del Rio and Christian wins. What the fuck ever...watching grass grow is more eventful than this. Skip.

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