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[2011-07-17-Dragon Gate] Shingo vs Akira Tozawa

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After returning from his very successful excursion, he re-debuted as Blood WARRIORS’ new henchman. This was his big shot, against one of the most prolific wrestlers on the roster, Shingo Takagi. And this plays out as such. Tozawa is a beast - his pre match assault, his mannerisms, his look, his offence. Everything clicked the way it should. I loved the Shingo and his face jacket (since I normally see him wearing it when he is a face) - the whole atheistic rules. He excelled the against adversity dynamic. His selling awesome, he really knows how to make it look more impactful due to his own style being similar. His comebacks were great with being filled with so much fire and will behind them. This is Tozawa’s match though. His facial expressions sell the match alone. This is a total different DG match than you’ll see, even if you watch Shingo’s matches alone. A lot of more compact and simple - it ruled. ****

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