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[2011-07-17-WWE-Money in the Bank] Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Sheamus (Ladder)

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This isn't the craziest multi-man ladder match that WWE has put on over the years. What I mean by that is that there isn't a huge amount of those holy shit spots that could be put on video packages for years to come, but what I think this has most of those other multi-man ladder matches beat is the flow; right from the get go the thing just flows super well, and it continues to do so for the rest of its runtime. There's no dull moments whatsoever, it's just super fun action with everybody getting some proper time to shine -- one standout was Sin Cara's run on the offense; he looked very good with his flippy stuff, and then the way that said run ended by the hands of Sheamus was absolutely awesome in all of its glorious brutality. The finishing sequence with Bryan & Barrett also rules, and the result is a genuine feel-good moment. The post-match with Bryan getting overwhelmed by the crowds reaction to his victory is some heartwarming stuff as well. So it's a great match + the ending/result is fantastic, which makes it a really sweet deal all around. ****

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