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Charles (Loss)

[2011-07-26-EVOLVE 9] Fit Finlay vs Sami Callihan

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This is probably the most brutal match I've seen live. Finlay could still get rough in WWE but there was definitely more restraint than this and in the WWE there weren't many opponents who could withstand this kind of beating. It all starts with Sami running headfirst into a nasty forearm and continued in that vein. Finlay threw forearms, stomps, kicks, and an uppercut to Sami's throat. I love Finlay's headbutts here. Sami tries to return the favor but that was unwise. Sami does eventually make a little space with some really nasty chops and a backdrop but Finlay dominates the rest of the time. Sami also nearly decapitates himself on a missed tope. Fucking awesome. It definitely held up on tape and is my US MOTY. It's just as gritty and violent as I remembered plus there's a better vantage point to see Sami's knees getting picked apart than we had in person.

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Fit Finlay vs Sami Callihan (EVOLVE 9 07/26/11)

So this match is very well pimped in most circles and I remember uploading it for someone years ago but I'm not sure if I ever got around to watching it myself. I was reminded of it yesterday so thought I'd see what all the fuss is.

Finlay. What a guy.

Don't care if were a pro wrestler, I'm not sure i'd want to face Finlay when he's in this mood. In fairness to Callihan, he took most of Finlay's punishment and tried his best to bring some himself.

But Finlay was a fucking brutal machine here. Right from the bat when Sami ran at Finlay and Finlay dumped him right down with one hell of a forearm. Yup, that set the tone of the match.

Finlay was super aggressive in everything he did here. Shit like strikes, elbows, throws and headlocks were put on with such force, it's a miracle Sami could stand. Some real nasty leg submissions and Sami gets beaten and bended to fuck. Headbutts are met with sounds of thunder.

At one point, Callihan wants to go strike for strike "like men", but Finlay responds by shouting "How can we fight like men when I'm the only man here?"


Finish typifies the match too. Callihan has had it, but he refuses to stay down after a Celtic Cross. Finlay gives him another, but Callihan just won't stay down. He defiently flips him the bird, so Finlay picks him up and plants him with a tombstone. Wonderful match and experience.

A proper war and watching Finlay inflict this much damage was both scary and sooooo entertaining at the same time. Callihan though in fairness bought out a very fine performance here. He kept taking all the shit from Finlay and kept hanging in there and was defiant to the end.

Stiff as fuck match and I looooooved it.

So glad I watched this.

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