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[2011-11-14-NOAH-Global League] Takashi Suguira vs Kensuke Sasaki

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GHC Heavyweight Champion Takashi Sugiura vs Kensuke Sasaki - NOAH 11/14/11


I feel I was overly harsh on their first encounter. I really did enjoy how much they beat the crap out of each other. I much prefer that to a men's floor exercise routine. I thought this was a better version of their first version. I don't feel like they progressed in any way. It was still Kensuke beating the shit out of Sugiura, I just thought it was structured a bit better. The lariat Sasaki hit right off the bat was so stiff. Sugiura had a bandage on the back of his neck that was disintegrated by how hard Sasaki was hitting him. I thought Sugiura worked a lot better from underneath and the transitions were smarter. This was still very much in the vein of Kobashi/Sasaki. Brutal violence and then working big finish runs, which I thought was better. There was a punch by Sugiura that was supposed to hit Sasaki in the side of the neck, but he moved hit him flush in the face, OW! I was watching this on the airplane and the guy next to me looked deeply disturbed during the ultra-stiff slap exchange. They do the same closed fist exchange that ended the first match in July in a draw, but this time Sasaki looks the better for it. Sasaki hits nasty lariat to Sugiura to the back of his neck and I swear he was knocked out. Sasaki is flabberghasted that he didn't get three and so am I! Sugiura starts throwing punches, elbows and knees at Sugiura in one awesome violent flurry. Olympic Slam and Sugiura gets a big time win! Great match, but it was just brutally stiff violence and hey I enjoy that. ****

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