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Charles (Loss)

[2011-11-10-WWE-Superstars] Daniel Bryan vs William Regal

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Daniel Bryan vs William Regal - WWE Superstars 11/10/11


To my knowledge this was Regal's last match in England of any appreciable length and one of his last handful of matches that went long (had two against Ambrose, one against Hero and then his classic retirement match against Cesaro). The crowd in Liverpool is very jacked for Regal in this match. Regal comes out to his Man's Man entrance theme which pops both him and Bryan. I thought this was a fun match. Honestly, I was expecting more. I think the beginning was just fun stuff to show off. It feels like Regal has lost step since 2009 when I last watch him. Checking out Cagematch.com, his 2010 is pretty barren besides some Christian matches in January of that year so Regal was definitely slowing down. They did some British chaining. The best part is when Bryan goes for a dropkick and Regal sidesteps. The teacher knows his student well. It is not just Regal that is a step slower, Bryan isn't hitting as hard as I would expect. When Regal makes his comeback, Bryan's kicks to the knee of Regal are pretty soft. Regal responds to the initial knee attacks with his half nelson suplex. They do have a pretty good European Uppercut exchange. Bryan goes back to the leg wrapping it around the post and then with a strong toehold. The holds looked better. Regal gets one last flurry before Bryan rocks him with a wicked kick to the skull. LeBell Lock and Regal immediately taps out. Damn straight. None of this will he or wont he bullshit. The drama should be in the struggle to apply the hold. Oddly disappointing, but also feel good that these two did get to wrestle in England as a sort of sendoff for one of the greats in the annals of pro wrestling. ***1/4

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