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Charles (Loss)

[2011-09-18-FCW-TV] Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

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These two going for 35 minutes doesn't sound very appealing on paper, but it really is a tremendous match. Rollins gets a very good shine to start things off, but he is stopped by Ambrose giving him the first fall via DQ, as he low blows him. Classic Iron Man heel strategies there, and I always love that kind of stuff. From then on, it's mostly Ambrose on top w/ some real good work with his holds & punches, being a very good cocky slimy heel. Once Rollins rolls him up to make it 2-2, that's when the intensity gets upped & the last 10 minutes are just some really good, finishing stretch wrestling w/ a really great sense of urgency to it. Great nearfalls & the overtime is an awesome, dramatic climax to the thing. ****

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FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose - FCW 9/18/11

The FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship is Ironman Rules for 15 minutes, which I think is a cool concept. I like the idea of shaking the rules up like this. It creates a new division that rewards endurance without being something ambiguous like the X Division. I will say the one thing that has always bugged me about Ironman matches is that a DQ in a fall should end the match immediately. Heels should not be able to game the system like that. That would be one change I would make as a booker. Going into this match, they have had two prior Ironman matches that both ended in scoreless ties, one for 15 minutes then one for 20 minutes. So they are giving them 30 minutes to see if they can break the dead heat!

First Ten Minutes: The chain wrestling at the beginning was dry, but did establish Rollins as the better wrestler. I would liked to seen more energy and fire out of him so I knew he was the face. The match picked up once Ambrose started stooging for Rollins in the corner on his chops. I was surprised how fun these two could be. I dont usually associate fun with either one but this felt like an 80s Southern match with Ambrose doing some Arn stooging. Ambrose feels the match is getting out of control so he ballshots Rollins. He loses the fall, but wins the war so to speak by picking up two falls in short order. I hate that because heels didnt really break the rules, they used a flaw in the system to game it. Is it underhanded? Yes and should be booed, but it can be rationalized. If they make the DQ an auto finish of the match, then when Ambrose cheats behind the ref's back and doesnt get caught. All the heat is on the heel, not on the rules. 

Second Ten Minutes: I want to commend them for not doing so many speed walking spots that plague today's wrestling. That being said this is very bland wrestling. Ambrose's heat segment not much happens and Rollins is not lighting the world on fire with his selling. Ambrose gets caught playing with his food and Rollins scores a sunset flip to tie it up. Rollins' comeback happens now. It just feels like it happens all of a sudden no transition. The somersault plancha popped me, great highspot. I loved Ambrose's Terry Funk impression on how he bumped and sold the clothesline from Rollins, good shit. The suplex from the ring to floor is always a crazy highspot. Didnt have much connective tissue, but the last two minutes of this stretch was more exciting. Overall very mediocre match. 

Third Ten Minutes: Holy Melodrama! Will Rollins turn over to cover Amborse? Hand in the air for all eternity, oh my god yes, he draped it over Ambrose! 1-2-NO! Ambrose bumblin, stumblin can he cover Seth? Oh my God, he collapsed on him! 1-2-NO! Japanese Fighting Spirit! Kawada Kicks! Curb Stomps! Missed Phoenix Splashes! Finisher Steals! Rollins hits his finish and Ambrose kicks out before the time limit expires! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH The whole point of that spot is to protect the finish! Lol he kicked out of the finish and it goes to a draw. This fall sucked! There will be a sudden death period, I will watch for completeness. I hope Ambrose vs Regal is better than this. 

Sudden Death: I actually liked this because they ditched the terrible melodramatic selling and just went balls to the wall. Rollins' Suicide Dive was fucking sick. That was the best move. Kickout of Ambrose's finish is par for the course. Rollins needs Bucklebomb and two of his finisher kicks to the head to win because this match and feud is so DAMN EPIC~!

There were good spots sprinkled in here, but for the most part it ranged from dull to being way too overdramatic. That's kind of WWE's problem right now and it all started in developmental.  

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