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[2011-12-10-PWG-FEAR] Kevin Steen & Super Dragon vs Young Bucks

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The outset of the match appeared to one sided. The hefty Super Dragon & even heftier Steen were mauling the Jackson Brothers. Elbows, punches, chairs, you name it.


Obviously, the Bucks mount a comeback and we get one brutal hardcore match. What makes it so special (in addition to Dragon's return) is the intensity that Steen & Super brought. It legitimately looked like they wanted to hurt/kill the other team. The Bucks were heel but, man they garnered sympathy.


Every move even if just a punch or stomp gave a little hope that they would survive. It even looked like they had a chance of winning when they'd isolated Steen from Dragon.


Its a wonder no one was hurt more than they were. A really well done hateful No DQ (Guerrilla Warfare) match. No glitz no glamour.

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Carrying this over for posterity since the comments psyched me up to watch the match




I have absolutely loved two Bucks matches

Hardy Boys v. Young Bucks NEW 8/2/16

Super Dragon/Kevin Steen v. Young Bucks 12/10/11


I would argue that those two matches are as good as any Midnight Express match. Most of the time they aren't my thing, but their highs can be pretty high

Yeah, that Dragon/Steen one is just fucking epic.

Great build too for those who followed PWG. The Bucks were booked to be smarmy twerpy heels who kept going foe the company ace and this match was a glorious pay off.

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