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[1980-07-05-Portland] Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski vs The Sheepherders (2/3 falls)

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I really enjoyed this match as it was an excellent example of how a heel team (Rose & Wiskowski) could get the heat on the faces (Sheepherders). This was a 2/3 falls match, the The Sheepherders winning the first fall. The story throughout was the heels attacking both Luke & Butch so they couldn't take out even when they were on offence as the partner was selling on the outside. I loved Rose in his mask with hair stitched in as a result of losing a hair vs. hair match to Roddy Piper a few months earlier. The heels won the second fall, and what was interesting they were interviewed for 5 minutes and cut a promo on the faces of Portland saying they were going to run them all out of the promotion (Piper, Sheepherders, Martel etc.) The finish was a DQ when Ed Wiskowski brought a chair in to the ring. What happened after the match was really fun as the heels continued to beat down The Sheepherders until Piper made the save, what was especially fun was that Piper couldn't protect both Luke & Butch at the same time so Rose & Wiskowski kept getting cheapshot's in. Eventually they even managed to beat on Piper resulting in huge heat from the crowd with fans trying to attack the heels. Great post match. ***1/4

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