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[1981-02-20-AWA-St. Paul, MN] Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell vs Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd

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JIP, starts with the High Flyers working on Blakcwell’s arm. Heat segment starts when Blackwell misses a splash on Gagne and tags Studd in. 

Great visual of Studd mauling Greg even if his mannerisms when selling can be a little goofy, no doubt he gathers great sympathy from the crowd. The heels focus on Greg’s midsection and there’s a great spot when he manages to hip-toss Studd only to fall to the mat in pain afterwards. Brunzell gets the hot tag and cleans house taking out the heels alone. The faces miss the double head bang spot, and after some back an forth, Studd misses a punch that hits his partner causing them to lose the match. A short but effective heel beat down follows. Fun stuff and good use of the size difference all around. ***1/2

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