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[1980-11-22-CWA-TV] Battle Royal

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Watched this on a random 1980 Memphis episode, my first taste of the era.

Pinfall only 14 man battle royal for the new Memphis TV title. No over-the-top eliminations meant some very crowded pin attempts, but they made it work with dog piles and flash small packages accounting for most of the pins.

It's too bad that the episodes on YouTube usually feature local interviews that were filmed after the episode airing. So right before this is an interview with Valiant & Tojo about taking on Rich & Dundee and Valiant is full heel. Then in the Battle Royal I was confused because one side was Valiant/Tojo/Koko/Dundee and another was Tommy Rich, Bobby Eaton, and Danny Davis and I couldn't tell who were the good guys.

Turns out Valiant turned heel on Koko after losing the battle royal and then he and Tojo cemented their turns by attacking Tommy Rich who preceded to dump Jimmy Hart and turn face.

Whew. Was able to fill in the context questions after through Scott Bowden's treasure trove of Memphis-related columns online. Guess Koko was basically prelim-level at this point, so the TV title obviously wasn't meant to be a top tier deal, but was mainly a backdrop for the major angle.

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