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As I mentioned in an earlier post in the January '14 matches that I know little about Lucha but am certainly willing to learn. This is the first Pegueno Reyes del Aire I have had the pleasure of viewing and come to find out it is a Ciebernetico match with all minis for a trophy. There is a Reyes del Aire at some point in the year with regular wrestlers (forgive me if that is the wrong way to phrase that). These minis are fantastic pro wrestlers and they were flying around all over the place working in some nice submission maneuvers which served mostly as the eliminations. I made my pick about 5 minutes in after getting a feel for all the combatants. First pick was Shockercito since he was the smallest man and my backup pick was Demus 316. Shockercito was eliminated about halfway through and Demus at least made it to the final four. There is a sick looking knee injury in the 28th minute of the file and it is the ending to the match. I may not be able to rate this from a technical standpoint but I know persicion, accuracy and entertainment. This match was a good time but I didn't lose my shit over it. Still it is worth a look. ***1/2

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