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Charles (Loss)

[2014-01-10-CMLL] Ultimo Dragoncito & Electrico vs Demus & Pierrothito

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The more I watch Lucha, the more I fall in love with it. The way wrestling is presented in Mexico is a thing of beauty. This match was fun even if it wasn't a technically great match. CMLL does not hide injuries like the WWE tries to do. They showed Ultimo Dragoncito's presumed concussion several times. Poor guy tries a monkey flip and gets two boots right to the top of the head for his trouble. Eletrico is forced to wrestle the second half of the match on his own and does a good enough job but with the injury they are just trying to salvage something from the match. Demus316 has quickly become my favorite mini and he scores the win for his team with a J Driller.

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