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[2014-01-19-SAW] Hot Rod Biggs vs Chris Michaels

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Well this was certainly a happening. Biggs and Michaels were a once proud tag team, and now are feuding with this match being the blowoff. They wrestle a street fight with the loser leaving town for a year. Biggs comes to the ring looking like an overweight Beastie Boy with a "It sucks to be you" t-shirt. New Jack must be our booker as we get a trash can full of weapons straight from one of his matches. I was never one of the people openly upset about wrestlers getting hit in the head since these are grown adults who can decide for themselves if letting themselves get hit in the head for my enjoyment is the right move. That being said it does feel odd to see guys getting straight shots to the head. Another odd thing is that that 6 or 7 years ago someone in this match would have hit a gusher but there is no blood to be found. This feels like an ECW match without the ECW crowd certainly watchable but nothing to write your mother about. I guessed Chris Masters finisher was a superkick and I hit that one right on the head, sometimes you can just tell. Enjoyable little affair but certainly no MOTYC.

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