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Charles (Loss)

[2013-06-22-NJPW-Dominion] Kazuchika Okada vs Togi Makabe

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IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada vs Togi Makabe - NJPW Dominion 6/22/13

Togi Makabe won me over just like he won this crowd over. He whipped them into a frenzy. Next time someone tells you Japanese crowds are quiet show them this match and politely tell them to fuck off. 

Makabe and his irreverent wildman character make this foregone conclusion of an IWGP defense special and memorable. He flips off Okada multiple times, gets up in his grill during his Rainmaker pose and then in the moment that makes him the fan favorite to unseat the young champion, he powerbombs Okada through a table on the outside. Hot damn! Okada gives a damn good white meat babyface performance but he is no match for MakabeMania which has swept through the crowd. 

The first spark of life in the match is when Okada goes for the Rainmaker early and Makabe lets his fear manifest itself in anger and he starts popping Okada in the head with elbows. He takes it to the outside and slams Okada's head off the steel ringpost. The beginning of Okada's headaches. This never gets as wild as the awesome Nagata brawl if everyone thinks thats what will happen. Makabe kicks some ass in the ring but gets cocky and Okada dropkicks him off the top rope. Okada gets his revenge via a Hangsman DDT off the steel railing on the floor. Makabe is left clutching his neck and Okada works the neck. I like Makabe's punches and how he holds Okada's face before punching him. Okada hits his characteristic Top Rope Elbow Drop. RAINMAKER POSE~! Makabe bows right up to him. The Grizzled Veteran is not going to be disrespected by this punk. He flips off Okada who dropkicks right through it. It was at that moment I was like "Ok, this match is special".

 Makabe mocks the Rainmaker Pose and then hits a Death Valley Driver to set up his King Kong Knee Drop, but he misses! Okada follows up with an Indian Deathlock, but the back of his head is killing him so much he cant hold on. Okada desperately wants the Tombstone. Makabe flips him off again so Okada goes for the dropkick, but Makabe holds onto the ropes. What great psychology! I am disappointed they didnt follow up this great moment with more Makabe offense, but Okada caught him with two more modified neckbreakers. He kicks Makabe out of the ring literally. Makabe catches Okada with a powerslam on the floor and this leads to the table spot which is fucking EPIC! The crowd goes apeshit. Even without blood and a lot of brawling, Makabe has made this feel different. A powerbomb in the ring is not enough. Axe Bomber and Spider German! Okada is on Excedrin Headache #9 at this point! KING KONG KNEE DROP MISSES AGAIN! I feel the end is nigh for our challenger! 

Okada dropkicks him in the back of the head and Gedo is HYPED! Makabe gets a Dragon Suplex out of a Rainmaker attempt and the CROWD GOES MENTAL! THE 1-2-NO! was so loud! Tombston! RAINMAKER~! Crowd loved this match!

The crowd still popped for Okada's win, but it was definitely tempered because they threw their entire support behind Makabe. It is definitely a slow burner. You are like this is solid, this is solid, oh ok Makabe is a dick, still solid, OH SHIT HE POWERBOMBED HIM THROUGH A TABLE! Then the crowd just sucks you in! ****



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