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[2012-01-02-AJPW-40th Anniversary New Year Shining Series] Suwama vs Daisuke Sekimoto

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Haven't rewatched this but this were my thoughts in 2012...



So yeah, this was great and oddly enough met my high expectations. Heated as a interpromotional matches between two aces should be. Suwama, aware of Sekimoto's freaky strength, takes out his back and leaves him helpless. Locking in a crab, whipping him in to the barricade, just making him his bitch basically. This is all fuel to Sekimoto's comeback. He sells the back well and leaves you on the edge of your seat whenever he attempts a big power move.

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I was never much interested in the possibility of trying to get into post split AJPW save a couple Kawada matches right afterwards. Once, Muto took over and saw the cards, I'd written it off.


For some reason, curiosity got the better of me a couple years ago as I'd heard stuff about Sekimoto and SUWAMA so, I figure it'd be worth a watch. This was my introduction with low expectations and wow, I was psyched!


Gone was the American puro type stuff that Muto was doing. This was just pure beat the crap out of each other puro like Choshu, Tenryu, Kawada etc. Plus it's not a long epic or drawn out in any form, I can't recall any strike battles that weren't surprising or meaningful...adding even more to its appeal. Real no nonsense wrestling that I thought was gone from the world by the 2010's.

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