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[2012-03-26-BJW] Yoshihito Sasaki vs Daisuke Sekimoto

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Haven't rewatched this but this were my thoughts in 2012...


Brilliant, just brilliant. I was disappointed with Daisuke's work in the semis against Bad Bones - specially his control section - but man did the guy stepped up in the final. And Yoshihiko....oh man, his work as the underdog was fucking beautiful. Sekimoto gains control in the first minute and proceeds to work over Sasaki's neck, from then on it's all about Yoshihito working from behind trying to overcome Daisuke's brilliant work over that body part. Both men executed their roles to perfection and Korakuen understood what this was all about. The final minutes are outstanding and if you are not rooting for Yoshihito then you don't have a fucking soul.

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Big thanks to Jmare007 for throwing this match my way in the Secret Santo (i think that is the name we are going with) project. I really liked this. This sort of thing is my kind of wrestling, physicality, brutality, escalating intensity, strong story being told in the ring.


I want to start by saying that modern japan (outside of pimped stuff from NJPW and very rare matches from AJPW is a blind spot. I haven't watched much Big Japan at all, so this review is sort of in a vacuum.


I loved how they were just ready go from the get go. They come at each other like bulls and hit the ground running. They never slow down. Two massive dudes just laying into one another, wrenching in the head locks, throwing their bodies at each other. Needless to say all the strikes were stiff. Sekimoto's work on top is tremendous. His cut offs and reverses were excellent. Sasaki really does play the fired up underdog so well. He picks away at the monster. Its a simple, but really well executed story.


There were some killer spots here. The spear being stopped dead into a guillotine choke was awesome. I like Sekimoto but I have only seen a hand full of matches here and there so I don't know if that is a thing he does, but it had me marking out on my couch. The headbutts and strikes at the end were brutal. Everything is hightened at the end. Great stuff.


For what snowflakes are worth, I am pretty high on it. Since I am seeing this out of context of the promotion and the style within the promotion I am not too married to this judgement, but I feel pretty comfortable giving it ****1/2. I could see it being higher for me if I get the chance to dig in a bit here.

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