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Charles (Loss)

[2012-05-25-PWG-Death To All But Metal] Super Smash Brothers vs Young Bucks

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For the vacant PWG tag team titles.


Seems like it's a bit of a theme for the Bucks' PWG matches around this time to start as brawls in the crowd. I prefer it to perfunctory mat segments (particularly since the brawls have good intensity), but it lessens the impact when you've seen a few. They get a "this is awesome" chant before they even get in the ring, so it's certainly working for the crowd at least. Player Dos hurdles the announcer table from the stage onto the floor in a super cool looking dive. The overall vibe is an updated version of an ECW tag team match, and that's a genre that I like a lot when it's done right. Player Dos takes some wicked tossed chairs from Nick. There's no lazy wandering spots here or intricate spot setup - just all action from start to finish. I like the attention to detail of Nick actively protecting Matt after he takes a big spot and going it alone. He's overwhelmed by the SSB... only for Matt to pull the ref out and super kick him. Tremendous. I'm not usually a fan of ref shenanigans, but this pays off so well. Terrific match, highly recommended.

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