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Charles (Loss)

[2012-07-15-FCW-TV] William Regal vs Dean Ambrose

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Regal goes after Ambrose's left arm right away, playing up to their first meeting & he is of course great at it. Love the "YOU BETTER TAKE IT HOME WITH YA! " yell by Ambrose as Regal gives him a real cocky nod & smile after doing some brief work over that arm. Then as they go to the outside, Ambrose irish whips Regal into the post, and they sell that big time as Regal being out of it. He does the glassy-eyed "he doesn't know where is" -selling & Ambrose continues to beat him up. It's a solid angle to end the match with - Regal sells it masterfully & Ambrose showcases good urgency + character work of vengeance & low-key desperation. Regal exploding from the trainers arms to forearm Ambrose one last time before the ref ends the match in a stoppage no-contest was awesome. It didn't reach the incredible heights of their first meeting, because of the whole stoppage angle being half the match, but it was still great nonetheless. Great continuity of the arm psychology from their first match, both guys brought the goods on the offense & Regal's selling was really great. ****

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