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[2012-09-02-PWG-Battle of Los Angeles] El Generico & Rick Knox & Kevin Steen vs Young Bucks & Brian Cage

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Just finished the '12 Bola a few minutes ago so this, being the penultimate match on the card, is fresh in my brain.


It was fun, it was a novelty, it let the finalists rest before the main event but, eh not much else. Knox getting a measure of revenge, Steenerico back together, seeing Knox do moves etc. It was pretty vanilla from an action or even story standpoint. Bucks and Cage were just kinda "there."


Nonetheless, it did its job on the card.


There were a bunch of singles matches from the two night event that were better and I honesty thought the comedy match of B-boy, Willie, and Drake vs Sleazy Davey, Sleazy Kyle, and regular Joey Ryan was a much better six man. Good action, funny in a juvenile way, and not as predictable.


Overall: Very good show(s) if PWG is your thang but, this match was nothing too special.

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I quite like the Bucks when they're working a comedy match, but this was just okay. The heat segment is really dull. Steen joining the match is a nice moment. The big tag to Know leading straight into a double superkick is pretty funny. But this is otherwise a pretty standard tag match, and not worth going out of your way to see.

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