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[2012-10-27-PWG-Failure To Communicate] Young Bucks vs Eddie Edwards & Kenny Omega

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This is the Bucks vs. Omega and El Generico.

The homage to Over the Top in the middle from Omega and Matt was pretty amusing. There's such high tension that Nick slipping in to break it up with a frog splash is a real jolt.

It seems like in this period the Bucks were trying to slow things down in their heat segment to try and draw a bit more actual heat, but I'm not sure it's working and it also feels like it's making the heat segments less entertaining. I get what they were going for, but this might be the wrong crowd for it.

Omega's in an interesting stage here of starting to become the guy who'd be main eventing the Tokyo Dome 5 years later. Some of the moves, the cheekiness (which was there from the beginning with him) mixed with a more powerful but still athletic style. Even at this stage, the Bucks are good opponents for him. He uses a dead lift german superplex that is insane looking (and would be something cool for him to bust out now, I think).

Entertaining, but more interesting than anything high end for any of these guys. 

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