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[2011-01-09-IWRG] Negro Navarro & Black Terry vs Gran Apache & Angel Mortal

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This is something I loved in 2011 and I'm pleased to see it holding up extremely well. This starts out like a friendly maestro's match with some 10 minutes of high quality matwork between 4 barrel chested fast moving dudes, with all kind of cool holds thrown in. Then Apache increases the intensity by twisting Navarro's leg in a nasty way which sets up the rising tension in the 2nd half. Angel Mortal, a guy normally stuck carrying half baked spotblowers in AAA undercards looked really good here, having some great takedowns and understanding his role as a pissed off Navarro put him through the meatgrinder. I think this was the first match where I realized what a badass Navarro was and he is awesome here destroying dudes with his mix of painful looking command-esque wristlocks and MMA submissions. Eventually Apache starts breaking up submissions and I loved that something as simple as Navarro throwing punches to the kidney serves as an escalation of violence here. Then you got Apache throwing really great punches of his own aswell as Terry having to solve the 2 on 1 situation. Really simple match with not a lot of bumps or big moves (not counting awesome leg twisting submissions) but it tells a tremendous story and works really effective.

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