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[2011-02-23-WWE-Santiago, CHI] John Cena vs CM Punk

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John Cena vs CM Punk (WWE 02/23/11)

I appreciate the birds eye perspective of the crowd reactions and thought this was interesting, but I also thought this exposed how subpar the execution is for both guys. Yes, they hit everything clean, but Punk gets such low elevation on his back body drops and they really come across like two guys going through a routine they've done a million times instead of two guys who are good athletes who are just reacting to each other in the moment. Nice layout with a hot crowd, but it's not executed in a very aggressive or violent way. It feels entirely rehearsed and regimented, which seems to be the story for a lot of 2011 WWE so far. Compare this to the usual 8mm/JIP arena footage in 1980s wrestling, which looks so much better from the upper level.


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