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Charles (Loss)

[2011-11-04-WWE-Smackdown] Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan

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World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan - Smackdown 11/4/11


Daniel Bryan is the current holder of the Money In The Bank Contract. To my knowledge this is the first real interaction he has had with a world champion since winning that match. Big Show wants a rematch with Mark Henry because he was not beaten the ring just exploded. Mark is saying no. One way to retaliate is to help Daniel Bryan win the World Championship and that's what Big Show sets out to do. The beginning of the match is fun with Daniel Bryan trying the best he can to bring the big man down but is just flung all around the ring. Henry is squeezing Bryan's head up against the post and Big Show scares off the Worlds Strongest Man to establish his presence. The finish stretch is electric. Daniel Bryan hits a dropkick to the knee and brings Mark Henry to one knee. When he is doing his patented kicks, you feel the rumble from the crowd. He blasts Mark Henry in the head with a kick and the place comes UNGLUED! I think they go something with this Daniel Bryan kid. ;) ;) Mark Henry presses him off with authority! Bryan goes up top, Henry catches him, Guillotine Choke. Mark Henry chucks him off. Mark Henry is PISSED! Great facial expression from him. I'd be pissed to if some pissant try to choke my ass out. Mark Henry repeatedly splashes Daniel Bryan in the corner. It is clear he is no longer trying to win a match but injure Bryan. So Big Show Knock His Ass Out. Big Show gets some water to revive Daniel Bryan to try to have him cash in his MITB contract. By the time Bryan, comes to it is too late and Henry hits the Worlds Strongest Slam on Bryan and then blasts Show with the briefcase. Teddy Long comes out and we are going to have a Holla Holla Rematch at Survivor Series. Holla! Once Daniel Bryan gets Mark Henry off his feet, this is just pure awesome pro wrestling theatre. ***1/4

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