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[2002-09-08-Toryumon] CIMA & Don Fuji & TARU vs Milano Collection A.T. & YOSSINO & YASSINI

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Seeing the alternate CIMA and Fuji performances (completely different wrestling styles), I'm more than a little unhappy that CIMA chose the direction he did with his wrestling style. This was a mostly fun match with some WTF-inducing stuff in the middle. The Italian Connection triple corner stuff in the 6-sided ring was well done. Won't be getting a vote, but interesting to say the least.

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this felt like if you took the three toughest dudes from 3rd year in your school and had the three brashest new 1st years come in, talk trash and challenge them to a fight at lunch break. Well that's pretty much what the story was and the match felt alot like this at times. They get a bit lost in the middle but they have all the heat back at the end for a dramatic finish. Really really fun.

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