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[2005-03-06-Dragon Gate] CIMA & Naruki Doi & Shingo Takagi vs Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito

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Fun 6 man. By far not the best DG/Toryumon 6 man I've seen though. I'm glad I watched it, but it probably won't make my ballot.

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Open The Triangle Gate Champions Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, SHINGO) vs Do Fixer (Genki Horiguchi, Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito) - DG 3/6/05


Turns out it may not have been a wise decision to listen to the Austin/Nash podcast while watching this. Those two old timers out worked these guys with some hilarious exchanges over toilet paper purchasing and the historical definition of nothing.


"Kevin, did you know that nothing was a slang term for pussy in Elizabethean times" - Austin

"Guess that's why when your wife says what have you been up to, you say nothing" - Big Sexy for the win slam dunking that alley-oop

At 25 years young, I don't feel old, but goddamnit, these guys need to slow the fuck down. You want to watch a match with too many moves, holy shit. Loved the beginning. I thought there was some good intensity and they abolsutely destroyed Dragon Kid and got a quick first fall. Also, I enjoyed the Blood Generation having a sort of musclehead gimmick. My problem was I would have loved to seen that played up more in the match. What made Toryumon fun was the mixture of a spotfest with fun character work. You take the character work out and you get a trainwreck. You know all these modified slams and splashes really are not that impressive without some story or what have you. Best part of the match hands down was the heat segment on Ryo Saito. They were working some great double/triple teams. Then I blinked and there was chaos and the babyfaces were on offense. I liked how all the finishes had one guy get targeted and blasted by everyone's finishers. Still you need either selling or character work to hold these matches together. It is fun as mindless entertainment, but really nothing that special.


My recommendation listen to the Austin/Nash podcast.

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