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[2007-01-19-ZERO-ONE] Yoshihiro Takayama & Hirotaka Yokoi & Kohei Sato vs Kazunari Murakami & Shinjiro Otani & Takao Omori

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There's a lot going on here. Takayama and Omori are feuding, I guess Omori is jealous that people figured out he wasn't near as good as Takayama. Murakamai and Yokoi are feuding, and it seems like Ohtani and Sato might have a little beef too. First few minutes are just Omori and Takayama hitting each other back and forth. Best Takayama vs. Omori stuff is just after this when neither is the legal man. No real heat segment, just a short 6-man with lots of rivalry-based dickishness thrown back and forth. Good heat, but the match lacks any sort of flow or direction. They set up the finish pretty well for that, but I won't be voting for it. Watching Takayama use the railing to double stomp Omori over and over was worth the watch though.

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