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Charles (Loss)

[2008-08-31-BattlARTS] Alexander Otsuka vs Super Tiger II

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I am loving these 08 Battlarts matches. Once you get to the end, the competitors are all looking like they've been through Hell and back and are on their last legs. They start with grappling, which puts Otsuka at an early lead, but not by enough. Tiger starts getting wise to this and goes to strikes, which leaves Otsuka in a lot of trouble. he struggles thrugh some big flurries to get some suplexes in, but is barely able to stand before the count himself. Can he finish off the upstart Super Tiger, or will Otsuka get KOed before he can get to that point? One thing I liked a lot about this match was the long-term selling by both. Neither comes back "fresh" and gets in big offense. When Otsuka gets back to what has been working for him after taking a quick but brutal beating, he never truly seems like he's recovered, just on top for the moment. When Super Tiger starts hitting his big late flurries, he collapses in the corner afterwards as if taking Otsuka away from grappling is in fact something that requires a lot of effort. Well done match, should show up on my ballot somewhere.

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Alexander Otsuka vs Super Tiger II - BattlArts 08/31/08


I really like idea of Super Tiger II competing in BattlArts. I know the history of Sayama/Super Tiger wrestling in Orginal UWF against Maeda. It just amuses me that a shoot-style promotion features a wrestler in a cute Tiger Mask. This is my second match watching him and he is a decent hand. He is not blow away good, which is a bit disappointing because I really wanted him to be a badass.


Tiger dominates the stand up agam and Otsuka is able to take down and throw Tiger at will. Neither one seems super comfortable on the groud with submissions as they tend to roll around. Otsuka being " the wrestler" can control, but won't finish. Tiger starts rolling with strikes, but whiffs on a head kick and ends up in a Boston Crab. Otsuka keeps it entertaining by switching between Giant Swing and Boston Crab. Cesaro should add the Boston Crab element to the Giant Swing so it is not just a show off spot. Otsuka does a great job selling how being offense can exhaust you after a couple throws on Tiger. Tiger is dazed and confused, but he starts throwing kicks and elbows in depseration. He catches Otsuka with a couple great kicks to head. Otsuka is able to dump Tiger on his head with his German/Dragon suplex combo to win by knockout.

There are some many 00s puroresu matches that are trending towards an excellent match, but end up dropping off a cliff in the last 5 minutes. It is so refreshing for a match to be good and entertaining. Is this the greatest match of all time? No, but it was fun and a great watch. Not all ***1/2 matches are created equal. This one is definitely worth watching and will leave you wanting to watch more BattlArts. ***1/2

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