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[2014-03-18-WWE-Main Event] Cesaro & Jack Swagger vs Goldust & Cody Rhodes

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Another absolute gem of a tag match. I loved the opening section with Goldust and Swagger, blindingly fast stuff. 44 year old 6'6 Dustin Rhodes is moving as fast as a 22 year old CMLL technico, the opening section felt like a first caida lucha exchange. We get a pair of great face in perils, I loved how Cody set up the disaster kick for the hot tag, and Goldust is a true master at timing near tags and big tags. If we didn't have the Rhodes Brothers, Wyatts and Sheild we would be talking about what a great run the Real Americans are having, I love how they have worked out their double teams, the big bumps they take and how Cesaro throws in fun twists in every match. I am a southern tag fan, and this had all of the halmarks of that style with crazy amped up offense. So good

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