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Post your nominee here.


Make sure they either finished in the top 25 in the last poll or that you have the links to their 3 reviewed matches on prowrestlingonly.

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Not necessarily voting for each of these guys but just trying to get threads started for a good cross-section of people. Matches listed below are all covered in the appropriate month/year folder of the Match Discussion Archive section of this board, with plenty more of their matches in every case that aren't listed here.


Shinya Hashimoto:

vs Keiji Muto 8/15/95

vs Riki Choshu 1/4/97

vs Genichiro Tenryu 2/17/94


Bobby Eaton:

vs Ric Flair 1/7/90

w/Lane vs Rock & Roll Express 2/25/90

w/Lane vs Pillman/Zenk 3/9/90


Riki Choshu:

vs Keiji Muto 5/24/90

vs Shinya Hashimoto 11/1/90

vs Shinya Hashimoto 8/4/96


Ricky Morton:

vs Ric Flair 3/24/90

vs Robert Gibson 7/14/91

vs Al Snow 4/8/95


El Satanico:

vs El Dandy 10/26/90

vs El Dandy 12/14/90

vs Jerry Estrada 3/23/90


Yoshiaki Fujiwara:

vs Akira Maeda 2/9/90

vs Nobuhiko Takada 2/27/90

vs Nobuhiko Takada 10/25/90


Nobuhiko Takada:

vs Kiyoshi Tamura 2/14/93

vs Vader 8/18/94

vs Genichiro Tenryu 12/13/96


Atsushi Onita:

vs Tarzan Goto 2/27/91

vs Terry Funk 5/5/93

vs Genichiro Tenryu 5/5/94


Akira Taue:

vs Toshiaki Kawada 1/15/91

vs Stan Hansen 6/5/92

vs Mitsuharu Misawa 2/28/93


Masa Fuchi:

vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 7/12/90

w/Kawada vs Misawa/Akiyama 7/19/93

w/Jumbo & Taue vs Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi 4/20/91


El Dandy:

vs Javier Llanes 2/24/94

vs Black Warrior 10/15/96

vs Angel Azteca 6/1/90


Manami Toyota:

vs Yumiko Hotta 9/3/95

vs Dynamite Kansai 12/4/95

vs Sakie Hasegawa 3/20/96


Tsuyoshi Kikuchi:

w/Kawada vs Can-Ams 2/22/92

w/Kobashi vs Can-Ams 5/25/92

vs Fuchi 7/12/90


Sean Waltman:

vs Bret Hart 7/11/94

vs Jerry Lynn 5/17/91

vs Sabu 4/17/93


Naoki Sano:

vs Jushin Liger 1/31/90

vs Yoji Anjoh 7/18/93

vs Yoji Anjoh 7/95


Keiji Muto:

vs Masa Chono 8/11/91

vs Arn Anderson 1/6/90

vs Nobuhiko Takada 10/9/95


Masa Chono:

w/Muto vs Hase/Sasaki 11/1/90

vs Hashimoto 3/1/92

vs Hiroshi Hase 8/93


Hiroshi Hase:

vs Great Muta 9/14/90

vs Great Muta 12/14/92

vs Shinya Hashimoto 12/13/94

Kensuke Sasaki:

vs Shinya Hashimoto 1/4/95

vs Toshiaki Kawada 10/9/00

vs Kenta Kobashi 7/18/05


Barry Windham:

vs Brian Pillman 5/19/91

vs Steven Regal 4/18/93

vs Steve Austin 6/13/92


Arn Anderson:

vs Ricky Steamboat 3/28/92

vs Dustin Rhodes 1/4/92

w/Larry Zbyszko vs Steamboat/Rhodes 11/19/91


Brian Pillman:

w/Zenk vs MX 5/19/90

vs Flair 2/17/90

vs Liger 2/29/92


Larry Zbyszko:

vs Masa Saito 2/10/90

vs Steven Regal 5/28/94

vs Eric Bischoff 12/29/97


Randy Savage:

vs Ultimate Warrior 3/24/91

vs Ric Flair 4/5/92

vs Ultimate Warrior 8/29/92


Jeff Jarrett:

vs Billy Joe Travis 1/26/90

w/Travis vs Falcone/Torres 7/4/90

vs Eddie Gilbert 12/29/90



vs Ultimate Warrior 7/1/91

vs Bret Hart 1/31/92

vs Yokozuna 1/22/94


Fuerza Guerrera:

vs Octagon 11/1/91

vs Octagon 1/31/92

vs Santo 6/7/90


Dustin Rhodes:

vs Arn Anderson 1/4/92

vs Vader 11/16/94

vs Bunkhouse Buck 4/17/94


Rick Rude:

vs Ricky Steamboat 2/29/92

vs Ricky Steamboat 6/20/92

vs Masa Chono 8/12/92



vs Ric Flair 12/27/93

vs Antonio Inoki 1/4/96

vs Shawn Michaels 8/18/96


Blue Panther:

vs El Mariachi 10/30/94

vs Atlantis 8/11/91

vs Atlantis 12/5/97


Kiyoshi Tamura:

vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 6/27/98

vs Nobuhiko Takada 2/14/93

vs Volk Han 1/22/97


Volk Han:

vs Kiyoshi Tamura 9/25/96

vs Kiyoshi Tamura 1/22/97

vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 5/28/98


Bull Nakano:

vs Aja Kong 4/25/92

vs Aja Kong 11/26/92

vs Devil Masami 4/18/93


Megumi Kudo:

vs Aja Kong 12/6/93

w/Combat Toyoda vs Toyota/Yamada 5/5/93

vs Shinobu Kandori 1/5/97


Shinobu Kandori:

vs Akira Hokuto 4/2/93

vs Akira Hokuto 12/6/93

w/Hokuto vs Bull/Aja 3/27/94


Great Sasuke:

vs El Samurai 4/16/94

vs Jushin Liger 4/16/94

vs Wild Pegasus 4/16/94


Taka Michinoku:

vs Great Sasuke 7/6/97

vs Great Sasuke 10/10/97

10-man tag 10/10/96


Dick Togo:

10-man tag 10/10/96

vs Antonio Honda 1/30/11

vs Jushin Liger 6/17/96


Eddie Gilbert:

vs Jerry Lawler 11/9/90

vs Terry Funk 1/23/93

vs Jeff Jarrett 12/29/90

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I gotta get Bill Dundee on the list.....these come from the 80's nomination process for the Memphis set and I made it a point not to pick the Lawler hair matches as I wanted to pick a variety of guys.


2 out of 3 falls Scaffold Match: "Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware) (6/21/82)

For some reason this scaffold match looked more dangerous than any other one but these guys didn't give a fuck as they just beat the hell out of each other. They looked like that the chance of falling off didn't really faze them at times as they were taking some wild bumps on the scaffold. This was also worked different because they would climb down at times before climbing back up instead like the others you had to stay on to win. This was very hate filled and it's too bad that we don't have the buildup for this as I'm sure it would've been awesome.

Mid-America Heavyweight Title: "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton © vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee (7/24/82)

Eaton cuts another great promo before the match but Dutch comes out swinging Shoebaby demanding a match with Eaton. Dundee asks Dutch to settle down and to sit at ringside so he can counter Hart. Dundee takes it Eaton early as Dutch does his job keeping Hart in check and distracting Eaton. Dundee & Eaton would clash heads giving Eaton a chance to get the advantage but Dundee still maintains control as Hart whines on the floor. Dundee would miss a diving body press off the middle rope giving Eaton the chance he needed to gain the advantage. Eaton just works over Dundee serious while talking shit to Dutch on the floor then hits his powerslam on Dundee that he used on Keirn the previous week but Dundee kicked out. Eaton goes nuts on Dundee choking him but Dundee would kick him in the gut to get the advantage back. Hart would trip up Dundee though as he ran the ropes leading to Dutch attacking Hart as Eaton goes back to work on Dundee. Dundee would get Eaton in an inside cradle though for a nearfall as Dutch keeps Hart in his chair. Dutch would trip up Eaton as he ran the ropes with Dundee hitting a splash to follow for another nearfall. Eaton would throw Dundee into the ropes so hard it broke the second rope ala Sam Houston Coliseum but that didn't effect these guys as Eaton just kept pounding on Dundee. Eaton would try another powerslam on Dundee but Dundee's momentum took him to the mat and got the pinfall to win the title. Dundee & Dutch then pound on Eaton after the match until Sugar jumps in to make the save before King Cobra goes after Eaton. Dundee is juicing as everyone else is fighting which stops as soon as Dutch breaks out Shoebaby.

Southern Heavyweight Title vs. Hair: Jerry "The King" Lawler © vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee (10/19/85)

Jesus there was some awesome punches thrown here by both men and a mega hot crowd. The rest of the action was great too as I don't think these two could have a bad match with each other. Lawler drops the strap and goes to town on Dundee but he would pull a chain out and jacked Lawler's jaw to win the title. Dundee now becomes the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in the area. Dundee then cuts a celebration promo afterwards before Lawler comes out for a war of words. Lawler then threatens to bash Dundee’s car in if he doesn't sign a return match contract and goes to the parking lot to do it with the fans egging him on. Dundee finally agrees to sign it.

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Some folks I may not vote for, but I will watch more stuff.


Yoshihiro Tajiri

vs Gedo (BJPW 2/3/98)

vs Minoru Tanaka (BJPW, 2/3/98)

vs Taka Michinoku (WNC, 10/31/13)


Villano III
vs. Rambo (AAA 9/24/93)
vs. Perro Aguayo (UWA, 10/7/84)
vs. Pegasus Kid (UWA, 1/26/92)


Steven Regal

vs. Arn Anderson (WCW 2/20/94)
vs. Psicosis (WCW, 12/6/96)
vs. Ultimo Dragon (WCW Slamboree 97)


Ultimo Dragon
vs. Steven Regal (WCW Slamboree '97)
vs. Shinjiro Ohtani (NJPW 1/4/98)
vs. Great Sasuke (WAR 2nd Anniversary Show)


Shinjiro Ohtani
vs. Jushin Liger (NJPW BOSJ 5/28/98)
w/ Wild Pegasus vs. Gran Hamada & Koji Kanemoto (NJPW 4/13/95)
vs. Jushin Liger (NJPW 2/7/98)


Jun Akiyama
vs. Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW 3/21/95)
vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJPW 8/17/03)
vs. Yoshinari Ogawa (AJPW 9/11/98)


Rick Martel
vs. Booker T (WCW 2/22/98)
vs. Booker T (WCW 2/16/98)
w/ IRS, Diesel & Adam Bomb vs Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid & Randy Savage (WWF Survivor Series '93)


Mick Foley
vs. Sabu (NWC 1/13/95)
vs. Chris Candido (SMW 12/30/94)
vs. Terry Funk (WWF 2/2/98)


vs. Rob Van Dam (3/20/98)
vs. Shane Douglas (3/7/98)
vs. Barry Windham (WCW 6/13/93)


El Samurai

vs. Wild Pegasus (6/14/93)

vs. Jushin Liger (4/16/92)

vs. Shinjiro Ohtani (1/21/96)

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Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Sgt. Slaughter (4/28/82)

This is a non-title match with a 30:00 time limit. The action early was really good as both men were working in and out of holds with some really good counter wrestling going on. Wahoo was really going after Sarge's left leg here and I loved everything about this including him chopping Sarge on the back as he was working the knee. We go to a break with actual commercials which was cool including Paul Gleason shilling Clinomint and we come back to Wahoo just teeing off on Sarge. This turned into a slugfest before Sarge got control hitting the big Slaughter Cannon and signaling for the Cobra Clutch but Wahoo would break out every time then firing back with chops. Kernodle & Nelson would come out but Muraco would come out to neutralize them allowing Wahoo to hit a big chop to get the win. David Crockett was great here going nuts as the crowd was crazy as well. Jake joins Muraco in the celebration and both men cut really good promos afterwards.

No DQ for the AWA World Heavyweight Title: Nick Bockwinkel © vs. Wahoo McDaniel (8/28/83)

Wahoo is on fire to start as he has had two controversial matches with Bock the past 2 months so in this he is firing shots early and often. Bock would whack Wahoo with a chair though on the floor then bashed him into the post and barricade to bloody him. Bock is relentless working over the cut but Wahoo comes back chopping like a madman. This is nothing but a slugfest when Bock locks on his sleeper but Wahoo pounds him into the turnbuckle numerous times before he breaks free and Wahoo comes back with more chops then takes it back to the floor where he posts Bock and then bashes his head into the ringside table. Wahoo brings it back to the ring where he continues his onslaught until a double collision sends Bock to the floor. Bock then grabs a chair and nails Wahoo for the pin. This was an all out war with both men juicing and a total blast.

Indian Strap Match for the AWA World Heavyweight Title: Curt Hennig © vs. "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel (11/28/87)

I love the announcers burying Boris Zuhkov before the match talking about Wahoo sending him running away after the Russian Chain match which is similar to this style of match. Curt was dicking around to start so Wahoo strapped him on the chest to wake him up and that was great. Wahoo would choke Curt with the strap a bit and kept using the strap to his advantage before Curt took him to the mat and he started using the strap himself as a weapon. Curt choking Wahoo while yelling that is what he thought of indians was great. Wahoo is now juicing and Curt is solid at working over the cut before tying up Wahoo's wrists so he could drag him around the ring but Wahoo countered out so Curt went back to choking him a bit before trying to drag him again. Wahoo this time would use a mule kick to break free and now he starts his comeback where he just chops the piss out of Curt but he lost Curt on a suplex which looked really bad although the announcers used his blood loss as an excuse. Wahoo would fight back though using the strap before he wraps Curt up and drags him around the ring with Curt fighting hard trying to break free and using a low blow to stop him. Curt starts throwing punches and he puts Wahoo down with a suplex showing some fire and he drags Wahoo again with Wahoo again using a mule kick to break free. This match is pretty compelling at this point as both men are just going to war on each other and Curt takes a wild bump off the top with Wahoo pulling him down using the strap. Wahoo now thinks he has it and drags Curt around but Adrian Adonis runs out with a knife and he cuts the strap along with Curt's hand which needed a lot of stitches. Gary DeRush calls for the DQ as Greg Gagne makes the save and you can see Curt's hand bleeding profusely. Like I said this was a compelling match which I dug a lot

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Necro Butcher


American Dragon Brian Danielson/Samoa Joe/B.J. Whitmer/Adam Pearce/Ace Steele/Homicide v. Nate Webb/Chris Hero/Claudio Castognoli/Necro Butcher/Eddie Kingston ROH 7/15/06


Necro Butcher v. Super Dragon PWG 9/2/06


Low-Ki v. Necro Butcher 12/16/06

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Daniel Bryan

vs Go Shiozaki - ROH In Tokyo 7/16/07

vs Nigel McGuinness (ROH 8/12/06)

American Dragon Brian Danielson/Samoa Joe/B.J. Whitmer/Adam Pearce/Ace Steele/Homicide v. Nate Webb/Chris Hero/Claudio Castognoli/Necro Butcher/Eddie Kingston ROH 7/15/06


Tito Santana



Carlos Colon



Nick Bockwinkel



Tully Blanchard



Jim Breaks



John Cena


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I wanted to re-evalute Koji Kanemoto, so I am nominating him here. Also, I went through the WON HOF and anyone who looked like I might vote for them and there was three reviews up here, I nominated them here.


Koji Kanemoto
w/ Gran Hamada vs. Shinjiro Ohtani & Wild Pegasus (NJPW 4/13/95)
vs Wild Pegasus (NJPW Muscle Storm 03/13/95)
vs Jushin Liger (NJPW 7/15/98)

Steve Austin
vs Dude Love (WWF Over The Edge 05/31/98)
vs Undertaker (WWF Summerslam 08/30/98)
vs Dude Love (WWF Unforgiven 04/26/98)

Andre the Giant

Tatsumi Fujinami
Rick & Scott Steiner vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Tayayuki Iizuka (WCW Wrestle War 05/17/92)
Tatsumi Fujinami vs Osamu Nishimura (MUGA 09/25/06)
Genichiro Tenryu vs Tatsumi Fujinami (WAR 12/15/93)

Akira Maeda
vs Volk Han (RINGS 12/07/91)
vs Yoshihisa Yammamoto (RINGS 07/20/98)
Volk Han vs Akira Maeda (RINGS 04/03/92)

Devil Masami
vs Itsuki Yamazaki (JWP 08/30/91)
Devil Masami, Dynamite Kansai & Chigusa Nagayo vs Mayumi Ozaki, Cutie Suzuki & Plum Mariko (JWP 01/09/94)
Devil Masami & Mayumi Ozaki vs Hikari Fukuoka & Kaoru (GAEA 11/03/95)

Jaguar Yokota

Chigusa Nagayo
Devil Masami & Plum Mariko vs Chigusa Nagayo & Cutie Suzuki (JWP Thunder Queen Battle 11/18/93)
Devil Masami, Dynamite Kansai & Chigusa Nagayo vs Mayumi Ozaki, Cutie Suzuki & Plum Mariko (JWP 01/09/94)
Chigusa Nagayo vs Mayumi Ozaki (GAEA 02/23/97)

Cien Caras
Eddy Guerrero, El Hijo del Santo & Konnan vs Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 (AAA Sin Limite 04/02/93)
Konnan vs Cien Caras (AAA Triplemania 04/30/93, Loser Must Retire)
MS-1 vs Cien Caras (AAA Sin Limite 08/13/93, Hair Match

Dos Caras
El Hijo del Santo, El Dandy & Dos Caras vs Blue Panther, Apolo Dantes & Emilio Charles Jr. (CMLL 02/15/96)
El Canek vs Dos Caras (UWA 02/02/92)
Headhunters vs Dos Caras & El Fantasma (W*ING 1st Takeoff Tour 08/17/91)

Lioness Asuka
Lioness Asuka vs Yumiko Hotta (AJW Wrestling Queendom 03/26/95)
Lioness Asuka vs Jaguar Yokota (October 97)
Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Devil Masami/Lioness Asuka, 2/15/86

Steve Williams
Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue vs Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (AJPW Super Power Series 05/20/93)
Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama vs Steve Williams & Johnny Ace (AJPW Super Power Series 06/07/96)
Steve Williams vs Akira Taue (AJPW Championship Carnival 04/20/96)

Blue Panther vs Atlantis 8/11/91
Blue Panther vs Atlantis 12/5/97
El Dandy & El Satanico vs Atlantis & Angel Azteca (EMLL 06/15/90)

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Naoki Sano


vs. Jushin Liger 1/31/90

vs. Minoru Suzuki 7/26/91

vs. Kiyoshi Tamura 5/6/94


Minoru Suzuki


vs. Naoki Sano 7/26/91

vs. Kenta Kobashi 1/8/05

vs. Keiji Muto 7/1/07


Akira Maeda


vs. Fujiwara 2/9/90

vs. Funaki 10/25/90

vs. Yammamoto 7/20/98


Yuki Ishikawa


vs. Greco 4/24/98

vs. Ikeda 5/27/98

vs. Murakami 11/26/00


Daisuke Ikeda


w. Greco vs. Ishikawa/Otsuka 4/19/98

vs. Ishikawa 5/27/98

vs. Tamon Honda 9/1/01


Alexander Otsuka


vs. Ishikawa 1/20/98

vs. Ishikawa 9/11/05

w. Ishikawa, Sawa vs. Ikeda/Usuda/Super Tiger II 7/26/08


Pirata Morgan


vs. El Faraon 11/16/90

w. MS1, Satanico vs. Los Brazos 11/22/91

vs. El Satanico 11/26/93


Steve Grey


vs. Clive Myers 12/6/77

vs. Johnny Saint 1/28/80

vs. Jackie Turpin 8/11/82


Marty Jones


vs. Mark Rocco 7/26/78

vs. Tony St. Clair 9/26/78

vs. Finlay 5/5/82

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Billy Robinson


vs. Inoki 12/11/75

vs. Baba 7/24/76

vs. Bockwinkel 12/11/80


Curt Henning


vs. Bockwinkel 11/21/86

vs. Lawler 7/16/88

vs. Bret Hart 8/26/91


Negro Navarro


w. Texano/Signo vs. Tiger Mask/Hamada/Hoshino 1/14/83

w. El Signo/Black Power vs. El Texano/Silver King/Gran Hamada 10/17/92

w. Traumas vs. Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro/Cerebro Negro 4/16/09


Masa Saito


vs. Kengo Kimura 6/10/87

w. Choshu vs. Super Machine/Takano 3/16/89

vs. Larry Zybysko 2/10/90


Owen Hart


vs. Bret 3/20/94

vs. Vader 9/20/97

vs. Shamrock 7/26/98

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The Gentleman


Beat the Champ TV Title: "Gentleman" Chris Adams © vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (9/12/83) Adams has already taken Garvin to a draw for the American title in Dallas so this is the rematch but this time for Adams' title which is a cool concept. Adams is in his 10th week as the champion getting $500 for every week and this match is for $5,000 so it adds more to this. Some good matwork to start this with both men looking good especially Adams but Garvin hung with him selling for Adams quite well. Garvin would soon gain control and became more aggressive in his offense with Adams returning the favor on his comeback before jacking his jaw with a Superkick with 2 minutes left. Adams would climb up top but Sunshine would trip him up allowing Garvin to go for the pin but Adams would kick out. Garvin would hit a nice gutwrench suplex for a nearfall and kept trying to get the win in the last minute which was a nice touch as Adams was doing the same thing in their earlier match but time would run out with Adams surviving to keep his title and $5,000. Garvin would attack him after the match of course and nailed him with the belt forcing some juice and really heating up this angle.

No DQ Match w/Gino in a cage above the ring: Kevin Von Erich vs. "Gentleman" Chris Adams (9/2/85)

FUCKING GINO is rocking it in a suit that would make Ric Flair jealous. The story here is that Kevin isn't at his best level because he has been at the hospital with Mike for the past few nights. These two had some memorable singles matches at the end of 1984 but this one is different because those matches were still early in the feud where in this one you had a feud that was at close to a year long with so much hatred between the two plus you throw in Gino inside the cage and the No DQ stip allowing both men to throw away the rules. Both men just take it to each other and it would end with Gino throwing down the knux he used from earlier but Kevin would steal them and used them on Adams to win this match. Kevin would then strip Gino down after the match after the cage was lowered and then they locked him in the cage so they could cut his hair but Kerry would run out to make the save. This was great stuff.

World Class TV Title: "Gentleman" Chris Adams © vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer (6/16/86)

Buzz worked his last match for the UWF at the Superdome 2 days earlier and now he has jumped to World Class. Buzz missed a running shoulderblock into the corner early hitting all ringpost which allowed Adams to work over his left shoulder which went from the ring to the floor then back to the ring. Buzz did what he could to try and break free including biting Adams on the leg and a great leapfrog exchange that ended up with an Adams body press for a nearfall then back to the arm. Buzz finally got his chance when Adams missed a running headbutt and went to the floor where Buzz would give him a suplex followed up by some biting. Buzz then went to work on Adams' back with a belly-to-belly followed up by a bodyscissors which was nice. Buzz then used a grounded bearhug but Adams would fight back until Buzz took him back down with the grounded bearhug. Adams would break free again though and would just nuke Buzz with a Superkick but was too weak to go for the pin. Buzz recovered quick and would hit a big powerslam but this time he couldn't go for the pin so he would climb up top where he missed his big splash. Adams made his comeback here hitting a reverse cross body block off the middle rope but Buzz would tuck and roll using the tights to get the win.

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Bruno Sammartino is an interesting candidate. Most of these are from the 80's nomination process.




Bruno Sammartino vs. Ken Patrera 11/8/80


I liked this a bit more than Will and feel it's a solid nomination. Both guys early are trying to establish physical domination. We get a cool overhand wristlock spot that leads to Patera pulling Bruno's hair twice. In a nice payback spot Bruno does the same thing. Patera is focusing on the back with kicks and stomps along with some AWA elbow drops. Patera goes to old knee in the back of Bruno. Bruno's reversal was great and Patera quickly gets the ropes. Patera takes a nice shoulder bump into the ring post. This allows Bruno to focus on the arm. The work on the arm is really rugged. Bruno uses the tools he has and just murders the arm. Patera eventually gets vertical and uses a well placed elbow to escape. Patera teases the swinging full nelson that Bruno escapes way too quickly. They really could have milked this spot for a lot more. Then again Patera's arm is pretty fucked up here. Patera is selling the arm big time. Bruno's focus is the arm. This leads to a Patera chair shot and a DQ. I thought this was a good match.



Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Z. 3/24/80



The crowd is even hotter than the Philly crowd. I mean the crowd is chanting Bruno before his match. This is like the Rock. Another solid match between the 2. This match doesn't have the nasty Bruno arm work that Philly had. Though they make it up with some fun brawling on the outside, and some real nice cat and mouse spots that played into the finish. I thought the Philly match was a tad better on work, but the atmosphere has me liking the NY match better. I've been watching the build for this feud for Titans of Wrestling and have been blown away.


"Superstar" Graham vs Bruno Sammartino w/Arnold Skaaland - 6/77 MSG



I watched this match earlier in the day. I thought it was a fun match and exceeded my expectations. Superstar was awesome in his prematch. I dug Bruno's brawling start for the 1st few minutes. I thought Superstar's goofy bumping even added a little to the out of control element because he seemed out of control. Even his backdrop looked out of control. The mirror spots I thought were fun though they did lack transitions to them. I thought they had a great dynamic to each other that played well in the match. With these guys going 18 minutes I thought it would drag, but it really didn't. I liked this better than any Bruno match we've reviewed on Titans Of Wrestling so far.

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Giant Baba


vs. Billy Robinson 7/24/76

vs. Hansen 2/4/82

w. Kimura vs. Hansen/Tenryu 11/29/89



Jack Brisco


vs. Inoki 8/5/71

vs. Jumbo 8/28/76

Brisco Bros. vs. Murdoch/Adonis 12/28/84



Dick Murdoch


vs. Jumbo 3/5/80

vs. Butch Reed 9/22/85

vs. Inoki 6/19/86


Dynamite Kansai


w. Ozaki vs. Toyota/Yamada 4/11/93

vs. Aja Kong 8/25/93

vs. Aja Kong 11/20/94


Yoshiaki Yatsu


w. Jumbo vs. Hansen/Tenryu 12/6/89

vs. Tenryu 10/29/91

vs. Fujiwara 8/5/94




vs. Sangre Chicana 9/23//83

w. Satanico/Espectro vs. Sangre Chicana/Mocho Cota/La Fiera 9/30/83

vs. Sangre Chicana 9/21/84

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From the top 25:

Harley Race

Ricky Steamboat

Dynamite Kid

The Destroyer



Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy





Yoshihiro Takayama





Kazuo Yamazaki









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Chris Jericho:





CM Punk:





Tommy Rich:





Mark Henry:

http://prowrestlingonly.com/index.php?/topic/19214-mark-henry/page-4?hl= mark henry

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My mind is blown that Dusty Rhodes isn't on here yet. Do I actually have to go find matches to have one of the best of all time be part of this? Christ, I'm a busy man. But if I have to...I'll get to it later.

Yo-Yo's Roomie did it for you.

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