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Phil Schneider

[2006-12-16-IWA-MS-Big Ass Christmas Bash] Necro Butcher vs Low Ki

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These two matched up earlier in the year, in a match that was pretty fun but kind of one sided, with Ki just killing Necro. Here it was way more even, as both guys brought sick amounts of asskicking. This was worked under KO or submission rules and it actually reminded me a lot of the classic Yuki Ishikawa v. Daisuke Ikeda matches. Similar pacing with Ki unloading brutal kicks to the face and body, and Necro fighting back with headbutts and punches. Necro's punches were great, he just wastes Ki with some of the best bodyshots I have ever seen in wrestling, I almost expected Ki to spit blood, he also throws a great lead left hook. This had more chair stuff then those matches had, but with the pacing and brutality this really was the closest to classic BattlArts we had in 2006. I have seen a bunch of Necro over the years, and he has done some horrific things to his body, so it is pretty amazing that he can still shock you. The Ki double stomp with Necro's chest laid on the top of the chair, was a top 10 Necro Butcher bump, and think about what the implies. Plus Ki throwing a stiff chop to the balls was nastier then a thousand light tube shots. Necro's selling was spectacular too, at one point he sells a kick to the face by lying on the mat and swatting at imaginary flies. He does a ton of little things well too, shaking his head, opening and closing his hand to get blood flowing, gripping his elbow and shaking his arm after getting bealed on a chair, leaning over and breathing deeply to sell exhaustion. Ki was fun in this too, he takes a bigger beating then he often does, and I love the little Abby screams he has added before his big moves, still this was a Necro show, and he really looks a step above Ki.

The finish is what keeps this out of the top 10. This was worked KO or submission, so it was fine that Ki won with the flying triangle, but if you are going to end a match like this on a submission, you really should tease submissions more. All the near falls in the match were worked around 9 counts, at no point did anyone even try for a submission outside of the finish. Also I had just got done watching a bunch of WEC and when KI put on the triangle I kept thinking he needed to move his leg underneath his own knee and pull Necro's head down to cut off the blood. I just came off like a flat finish for such an awesome match. Still this was another match to add to the amazing resume Necro put together in 2006.

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