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Dos Caras

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My quest to check out everybody I haven't seen enough starts at the last thread posted upon. I'm going to try to do this for everyone that has a shot (that I am not rally familiar with), so here we are.



vs El Samurai (Super J Cup 1995)


I haven't seen the Super J Cup in many years now and I have no recollection of this match. Caras is filled with cool looking submissions and roll ups and one awesome tope. A pretty solid early round tournament match and Caras was good and old, but did not look very special.



vs Great Sasuke (M-Pro)



After ten minutes of fun mat work this match goes to the floor and gets awesome. Sasuke is a freak with the bumps he takes on the floor and in the ring. Slams to the floor, insane power bombs where his head bounces. There was this neat spot where Caras was holding onto Sasuke's leg to try to get them both counted out. Sasuke took another huge power bomb where his head bounces.


So, after all of this viciousness Caras does a monkey flip into a boston crab into a rocking horse into a single leg crab. A very bizarre choice. After a few questionable choices Caras unleashes a VICIOUS TOPE!


Sasuke fights back with an Asai Moonsault and a freaking space flying tiger drop which splatted both on the high school gym floor. Sasuke is able to roll in for the countout.


A very good match, but more a case for Sasuke than Casas. I'd go like *** 1/2 to *** 3/4 for the last stretch.


w/ Blue Blazer & Gran Hamada vs Los Brazos


The video is only ten minutes long, so I feel like we'll be missing something here.


It's funny that Owen looks like a huge monster against the Brazos. After a fun Owen start we have Super Porky vs Dos Caras. If this isn't good I am done with Caras.It was alright.


A fun comedy stuff down the stretch, but nothing special. Hamada, Owen and Porky out worked Caras here.


I've liked Caras in the past and this small sampling keeps him there. Unless somebody makes a case for him I am unsold.

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