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[1957-04-26-Kohler Chicago] The Sheik of Araby vs Bill Melby

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I couldn't fell asleep so I put this match. It's the only match from that channel I didn't watch back in 2015 as The Sheik put one horrible performance in 1954 (he wasn't help by the Great Yamato either).

Three years later, The Sheik knows how to play his gimmick. His interactions with the crowd are good (crowd was imitating his "Huh huh huh"). The story here is that Melby totally outwrestles Sheik and the latter has to use cheapshots to escape holds. At the 20-minutes mark, things start to get nasty as both guys start to brawling. I don't remember guys like Hans Schmidt (he uses knees strikes) or Bruiser or Crusher (power moves) brawling that much, so it was a nice novelty. Crowd digs it. The punches are not Memphis-tier but it's fun to see a brawl in 50's Chicago and Melby is game to play with the Sheik's strenghts.
I notice Russ Davis was not as energetic as usual and by the 20 minutes or so, you hear him coughing. The poor guy was sick that day.

The finish is not exciting but makes sense.

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