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Charles (Loss)

[1999-10-14-WCW-Thunder] Kevin Nash: Color Commentator

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Ok, so this is epic. Kevin Nash does color commentary on Thunder and it is amazing.


Nash starts by saying for all of the people who say he's a horrible booker, he booked the best angle of all time in his retirement.


Then he puts together a video package of the Goldberg-Sid feud from Nitro that he narrates himself that is hilarious. Then he complains about doing a job in an action figure commercial.


Next, Meng vs Buzz Stern with Nash pointing out that you never see Meng and Barry White at the same time. He adds that we know Meng is going to win this because we just saw a video package for him.


There was an amazing video recap of this on YouTube at one time, but it was taken down for copyright infringement. Too much comedy to list it all here.

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I remember watching this whole show and it was something else. Apparently this was Nash's last show as booker so he just made every match as squash match with boring guys while doing commentary. It was entertaining I'll give him that. Especially the NFL films like call of the Sid/Goldberg segment.

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Oh man, Nash is at his absolute peak of being overindulgent here. Another sushi joke that he thinks is so hilarious every time.



The Rey jersey at $60 seems steep but a better deal than paying any money for the K-Dawg banner



A bad Torrie/kidman segment happens


The Sid/Goldberg video package with the narrating is awful and buries both guys.


The Nitro arena figures were awful and Nash is wondering why hes doing a job in the commercial.


Nash states that the Saturday show is about to get woke.


Meng video package next and Nash has some smug comments about the coach gimmick coming out.



WCW is creeping into June levels of bad around this point from what we are seeing.

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It's a lame-duck show under a lame-duck booking committee, so Nash is out to entertain himself, logic and storytelling be damned. "A lot of changes going on in WCW!" Oh, Tenay's SHOOTING!


A comical-looking Rey Misterio Jr. hawks his jersey while we see in-ring action of him in his Nailz outfit. TBS Voiceover Guy shows up to tell us how to order.


Highlights of Torrie Wilson flirting with Kidman and blowing off David Flair. Curt "Harvey Weinstein" Hennig offers Torrie a CD deal in exchange for something or other.


Kevin Nash narrates a video of the Goldberg-Sid feud, apparently doing a John Facenda NFL Films voice but sounds more British than Facenda's New England accent. "A MAN WHO CANNOT TOUCH THE OTHER MAN! ... I LAUGH AT YOU! ... How'm I doin' so far, Mike?" Nash shows how far-reaching of a visionary he really was as he praises Goldberg's ability to milk the hard camera. Larry: "Would you pass me Kevin's water?" Tenay: "It certainly isn't water..." This definitely falls under the purview of entertaining crap.


Nash hypes a revamp of the Saturday Night program, whatever that was supposed to be about.

Nash actually stops to put Meng over a bit as he squashes Luther Biggs.


Okay, an infamous moment in Thunder history. Some funny bits but as usual, but Nash is like the Stanford Marching Band--they're both about a quarter as clever as they obviously think they are.

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