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[2004-10-02-ROH-Midnight Express Reunion] Low Ki vs Jay Lethal

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Low Ki vs. Jay Lethal

This match was ALL sports-entertainment, and a damn good extended squash at that. Far more engaging than the extended squash against Alex Shelley several weeks earlier, Lethal was extra motivated to earn respect from the dickhead Ki due to his family being present and taunted by the Rottweilers. But despite how much heart and improvement Lethal displayed, he was just no match for ROH's original legend.
Post-match, Ki gives Lethal the same disrespectful kick he delivered to Jay Briscoe a couple months earlier.
Rating: ***

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Obviously the end-goal here was to make Ki look like a killer as his heel run continues, but Lethal actually got way more than I thought he would. And it was for the better! He totally ruled as the fiery underdog babyface bringing the fight to the odds-on favorite. I thought that his punches in particular looked really good & fit his role perfectly. All of Ki's offense looks awesome too, obviously. It's a fun match. Didn't need to go for as long as it did, as it does feel like it drags a BIT at times, but it's not a real complaint or anything because it still didn't go on for very long & both guys delivered, so yeee a very respectable 3-boy. ***

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